Destro or Demo PvP in 5.2?

I'm a newborn warlock and I'm loving it. I very much enjoy PvP as both destruction and demonology and was looking forward to using GoSac as destruction because I like the idea of a lone, fire-casting death-bringer, but I keep hearing that GoSac will not be viable for destro PvP in 5.2. Is the GoSac/destro nerf going to be that severe? Is demonology going to be superior in both Arenas and RBGs?

I ask because I love both specs and I want to start learning whichever one is going to suck less so that I may stand a chance end-game. I also enjoy going solo/pet-less in my games.
The GoSac nerf is only 5% damage. It's minimal. The rest of the talent will remain the same. I love using GoSac with my void for the 30% life buff. GoSac gives you 20% extra life, and with the void buff I can top like 750k hps. My base HP pool is 472k using GoSac.

Using Supremacy is also an option since the pet damage could offset the 20% damage loss from using GoSac, and the utility is really nice. I'll probably stick with GoSac in 5.2 though as I hate pet management.

I find Demo damage really low, but the armor from Meta helps enormously vs melee, especially warriors. Warriors are my hardest class to kill even geared as Destro, but with Demo I can usually kill warriors.

Locks are getting good buffs in 5.2, 10% extra Stamina means I'll have around 520k base hps with GoSac now vs the 472 in 5.1, and we get a passive 10% damage mitigation, plus the new shield. Personally I'm happy about the changes.
Destro is hardly viable as is, a 5% nerf isnt going to kill a spec thats already pretty much dead, your always going to be picked for rbg's though, until chaosbolt gets nerfed to cataclysm status

people that pvp are still going to use GoSac and people that pve might be switching to succubus or imp, thats all thats really going to change

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