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A light rain had begun to fall, it's soft patter disturbing the otherwise silent jungle. Waves could not be heard in the distance, but the ocean was near. Everything was deathly still, save that soft pitter of the rain dodging its way past the leaves in a desperate attempt to meet the ground.

Illaeh was sleeping. After her unfortunate shipwreck, she tried to gather where she was, take recon as her instincts told her to, but in the omnipresent mist and the shroud of night, she could see nothing. She resolved to crawl under some debris and sleep through the night. It was a restless sleep.

The things that live on the island stirred when her ship crashed, and they howled and wailed and crept through the night. Illaeh was haunted by those noises and her nightmares for the duration of her all too brief rest.

The patter of rain on the boards of debris stretched out above her caused Illaeh to finally stir. She ached, her armor was either torn or smashed. She knew it wouldn't do her any good. She reached down for her daggers, when her hand met her hip, she panicked. Without her blades, what was she?

She didn't dwell on it long, she knew she shouldn't stay put, and had to get this armor off. She removed her shoulders first, cracked and bent, they were constricting her shoulders and annoying her. Then her hat, earned from valorous service to the Shado-Pan who she respected greatly, was broken in half. She could, and did, keep the shawl, it would keep bugs off most of her face and neck. Next her gloves and belt had to go, they were torn to shreds, useless anyways. After the removal of her destroyed gear, she left her hovel.

She was greeted by something more upsetting and terrifying than she had hoped; nothing. The mist, ever-present, shrouded the world, leaving her feeling alone and terrified. She knew fear would do her no good.

"Steel yourself. You can't afford to make a mistake right now. A mistake is death. You've been in worse than this, just look for someone, or something. You can make it out." She assured herself.

She walked. She had no idea which direction, but the way was mostly clear of shrubs and debris, so she kept walking. It was easy walking, some roots here and there, but mostly soft, flat earth. Her boots were too noisy, so she took those off too.

The she stepped on her former captain, dead, ripped open and completely hollow. It had been one night, but already he swarmed with flies.

How did I not smell that? It's the mist, it dulls everything. Curse it all! She thought.

Illaeh didn't linger. She needed food, water, shelter, and a weapon. She didn't know which to find first, so she climbed the nearest tree, to sit and thing.

"I'm going to die here." She mumbled.
Throg, grumbles to himself, grunting he pushes himself to his feet. Looking around, he rolls his shoulders, his arms and shoulders cracking as he moved them. Cracking his knuckles he looks at the island and hold his hand into the air, feeling the rain. With a deep sigh, he looks around, and not noticing his personal weapon he pulls a short sword sheathed inside his boot, only to find the sheath empty.

Smiiling at the prospect of what was happening knowing he was in his element. Take mud he spreads it up and down his arms he had knowledge mud kept the bugs away from him. At that he snorts and looks around, picking up a piece of drift wood he holds it arms length. In a masters hold he keeps his back to the water and watching for any noise but still holding the piece of wood.

Noticing the mist for the first time he narrows his eyes" Sea men? good damn fighters....i hope so, they were fun to fight." grinning at the coming what he believes battle he moves forward down the beach ignoring the roars and growls of creatures from the island itself.
Kal'tok groaned as he slowly got up, he felt a sharp pain in his left shoulder that turned out to be a large piece of wooden shrapnel from the crash that was inches away from his heart. He sighed before gripping the piece of shrapnel with his right hand and with a grunt, pulled it out then just dropped it to the great before looking at his wound.

The wound wasn't that bad compared to some others he had gotten before but it still had to be taken care of so he gently placed his right hand over the wound and took a deep breath, a soft green glow covered his hand for a moment before going into the wound and being absorbed into it, aiding his natural regeneration enough to fully heal it in a few seconds.

He looked over his tattered armor with a sigh, he couldn't feel his spear on his back but his hatchet and skinning knife were still on his somehow intact belt. He took of his helmet and inspected it, "Useless." He thought to himself before tossing it to the side, he then got to work removing his gloves, shoulderpads, what was left of his tabard, chestpiece, he placed his intact belt with his tools on the ground away from the junk armor before removing his broken shinguards and pants, he then put his belt back on, leaving him with only that and his loincloth.

Looking to his right, he saw the shipwreck and decided to walk to it to see if anyone was alive and if anyone needed some small healing done as healing wasn't his strong point but he could still help those without mortal wounds.
The loud hiss of the ebbing ocean lingers in Aliya’s dreams. The young Kaldorei was lying face down in the dark muddied turf of the island. A single rain drop crashed into the side of her cheek, causing the Elf’s face to wrinkle and stir in discomfort. Another falls at rapid speed, colliding into her temple, her eyes jolting open. She slowly gets up, resting in a kneeling position on both knees. Her bright, vibrant, violet hair ruffled and messy. A thin layer of dark brown mud clings to the side of her face, traveling all the way down her body, stray rain drops poking holes in the shroud. She checks herself first, running a hand through her hair, throwing it back behind her ears as she gauges her body for damages.

A couple scratches and bruises, though many of them could have been there before the shipwreck. Her armor was gone, and so were her weapons, she had nothing on her except tight fitting linen undergarments, traveling down about mid-thigh and a simple bra-like top. She thinks a moment, trying to recall the events before the ship wreck; she must have been in her cabin.

Cursing in Darnassian as she slowly rises to her feet, she gauges her surroundings, this was her second time to Krasarang, and she knew the mists were often too thick for traditional recon. She sighs heavily, dropping her head. Her mind ever nagging to her, she knows this was not the time to lose hope, seeing firsthand the effects of the Sha in this region. It was then she noticed Lokisiel, her trusty Great Horned Hawk Owl, waiting patiently on the muddied beach at his master’s side.

In this place, even the simplest of things could make a difference between life and death, even something as simple as a loyal friend bringing a smile to your face. She lets forth a sharp whistle, the Owl spreading his wings, allowing the ocean breeze to majestically gift him flight, taking his royal perch on Aliya’s shoulder. Turning her head to him, she puckers her lips and makes kissing motions in his direction, before letting out another whistle. A soft Kaldorei tune emitting from her lips, the Owl takes flight, high into the sky, where he will stay and warn his mistress of approaching danger.

It is in this time, Aliya begins her trek to the wrecked ship, feeling the wet sand between her toes as they leave their mark in the earth.
The light drizzle falling over the massive shoulders of the kneeling Tauren was fading gently. Avonako had been awake for some time now, having drifted all night through the frigid shallow waters. He was knelt before the calm waves, looking at the pieces of cracked and useless mail armor lain before him. He wore only a ragged leather tunic and breeches with his torn crimson tabard bearing the insignia of the Horde in tatters draped over him. His trusted handaxe and mace lost to the depths of the waters which lapped at the sand at his knees and he sighed gently, closing his eyes he listened to the forest at his back, the pneumatic hiss of the waves, the cries of the beasts which lay within the trees.

He could barely feel the elements in this place. The spirits were silent to him now and he rose carefully, grunting a bit at the scrapes and bruises he had sustained in the crash. Gazing to the east he could see the remains of the shipwreck far off down the coast and he set off along the water watching intently the shrouded jungle. As he walked he began to notice the thick mist which clouded his vision slightly as he pressed on toward the wreck, feeling quite alone in this strange place he longed for the plains of Mulgore, for the members of his tribe, their smiling faces and kind words.
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The rain slowly fell it seemed. The Night Elf looked up in tearful eyes, hoping to see a sun, a little of it, of the blue sky... but all he saw was white clouds, that dropped rain. Luthionn looked back down at his armor, which was cracked in almost all places of his armor, and was ready to break, but he knew it wouldn't. He had trusted his armor, in times of need, and it has kept up. He kept looking down for his sword, but it seemed as though he dropped it in the water, when the huge boat crashed. He had trusted his sword, and had gone through fearsome battles with it, against huge monsters. But, the time had come that he had to find a new weapon, a new one to trust for a litte while. He couldn't see a thing, except the ground, and 5 yards in front of him. He walked slowly in front of him, hands out, just incase. He stumbled on the occasional root, or a little wooden stick. After of what seemed forever, he walked out of the mist. He looked out to see a jungle type of place. A bunch of wood, and a few animals here and there. Luthionn smiled at this. He had food, and bark, enough to make a home, and weapons. It's exactly what he needed. Except, water.. he could go venture further into the jungle to look for some, but it wouldn't be very wise.

Luthionn started with a fire. It was still raining, but he was hopefull that the trees would stop the rain getting into the fire. He gathered the smallest sticks he could get, and some of the biggest ones also, just incase the fire got bigger then expected. He looked for two medium sized rocks, and he setted up a little tee-pee with his small sticks. He started hitting the rocks together forcefully, hoping to create a tiny spark. It failed miserably, but he decided not to give this up. He tried it again, but hit the rocks more forcefully together. He saw a little spark go out of the rocks. He smiled with hope, and tried more forcefully, and it created more sparks. After the fifth try, he had a tiny fire going on. He smiled, and got up to get some more wood. He got some bigger sticks, and created a tiny tee-pee with them. It wasn't much, but it was his best deal at the moment.
Lethia woke with a start as she felt her arm submerged in water, quickly sitting up only causing her to lose her balance she had on the small plank of wood, dropping her into the shallow waters of the beach. A sharp gasp escaping her as she shot up and out of the water, onto the sand merely a few feet from where her pathetic piece of wood had been.

Her eyes wide as she glanced around, taking in the environment... Or more lack of, the mist so thick she could only see a few feet. "Settle down Leth, just need to establish some direction..." She spoke quietly, trying to clam herself. The girl finally glanced down over herself to check for injuries and to examine her equipment. Despite some cuts and bruises she was fine. The left sleeve of her chain mail had been had been almost completely ripped off, only a few rings holding the dangling metal in place. The scabbard at her hip missing the short-sword she kept for emergencies.

She hurridly emptied the medic's satchel on the ground at her feet. All of the bandages soaked with sea water, along with spare cloth. Much of her tools had been lost, only having thread, two needles, and a handful of strips of cloth bandages.

"Wonderful, now I'm not only useless in fighting, but I'm missing most of my supplies." She said aloud, the lack of someone to talk to already affecting her. She tossed a glance both ways down the beach then at the forest. The sounds beyond the trees enough to convince her to stay on the beach. She quickly scooped her supplies back into her satchel and went on her way, carefully scanning the debris for anything she could use along the way.
Luthionn snapped his neck toward a sound, it seemed as though he heard someone talking. He sighed, and said to himself, "I'm already going insane..." He cuddled next to the fire, and slowly fell to sleep, thinking that if hes attacked, he might as well die asleep. He then woke up with a start, remembering, he needed to feed the fire regularly. He then noticed, it was getting big. So he started putting the big peices on. Right when he did, he felt the hot warm wave, hit his face. He welcomed it, and smiled sadly, remembering his comrades. Remembering, how most of the drowned, before he passed out. He sighed, and got up to get some more wood from the beach, he remembered seeing some as he walked in the mist. When he got to the edge, he sighed. He wouldn't be able to see. He walked to a nearby tree, and started stripping the bark.
You know, I really thought this whole "tree" thing was a good idea, Illaeh thought to herself But now I'm bored, I still can't see, and the rain is stronger up here. Ugh.

Illaeh hoped that keeping a sense of humor about her situation would stop her from getting stressed and angry, as she had a habit of becoming significantly less productive and reasonable when she got stressed or angry.

"Maybe some others survived? I can't be the only one." She spoke aloud, the silence was starting to bother her. "So this is what it's like to be, well, not me. Blissfully ignorant of whatever invisible danger lurks about in the shadows, just out of sight... I don't like it."

Honestly, I would ask for anything but this. All my training, whoosh, out the window. I can't hide from or sneak up on something I can't see! No fun at all.

Illaeh began retracing her steps. It was difficult at first, the mist laid heavily on the ground and she rarely left footprints.

"Curse you Tchai. The one time I actually need my hunter, you're gone. Honestly, picking the Klaxxi over me? What makes them so special? I alwa-"

Illaeh tripped over a root and fell flat on her face.

"That is IT! I'm done! Done with this STUPID island, done with this STUPID MIST, AND DONE, WITH THESE STUPID TREES! Illaeh yelled. Before she could get her next bought of curses out on the island, a shadow emerged from the bushes in front of her.

A gray tiger, almost the same color of the mist exactly, came prowling towards her, hunger and cruelty in its eyes. It emitted a low growl, one that made Illaeh's skin crawl.

Illaeh reached for her daggers, only to find, once again, that they were gone.

No no no no no no. This. Isn't. Happening...

Someone! Anyone? Help! Sooner rather than later would be appreciated!
Kal'tok was at the crash sight, hoping to find anyone alive but all he found were the dead. He let out a sad, heavy sigh and decided to just go into the jungle to look for a cave, or some other shelter.

After a moment of walking he heard the sound of a whining female Blood Elf, with some hope restored he rushed over and saw that a gray tiger looking at her, about to pounce. Acting quickly, Kal'tok decided to change his shape into that of a tiger, he called on the power of nature and used it to morph his body while rushing over to the Elf's aid.

Kal'tok was rushing towards her in his blue tiger form, the gray tiger had pounced on her and he saw the Elf quickly rolling her left, away from both of them. He decided to let out a roar to attract the tiger's attention and it worked, the tiger turned to the rushing druid who leapt at him.

Kal'tok landed in front of the gray tiger and swiftly dodged it's bite by moving to the right, he wasted no time and swiftly bit down on the beast's throat while driving one of his tusks into it's spine, he then yanked his head to the left, tearing out a large piece of the beast's neck.

He then shifted back into his Troll form and walked to the Elf with blood around his mouth and some of his chest, he felt a small amount of guilt for leaving the crippled beast to choke on it's own blood instead of giving it a swift death. When he reached the Elf he looked over her for injuries and asked with some concern.

"You alright?"
Aliya grunts as she sorts through whatever debris floats in from the wrecked ship. Mostly just water logged planks, with the occasional broken arrow head. ‘Maybe I could use this as a fishing hook, maybe a spear head.’ she thought to herself, keeping the arrowhead in her palm.

She rises from a kneeling position, seeing an illuminated orange spot in the mists.

“Morons…” she murmured in Darnassian. “Going to get themselves killed.”

She turns her head back to the debris, her eyes trailing over the scattered parts along the beach.


She grunts, turning about on her heels and heading up the beach to the wilds. She starts bending the branches off the nearby trees, her face wrinkling with distaste. Most of these woods were too flexible, or too thick to be used for anything reliable. She snaps a branch off anyway, and then another one. She starts flaying the bark from the branch, and peeling the moist strands from inside its root. Plopping her bottom down on the forest floor, she starts braiding the twine together, pulling it tightly after ever couple loops. She was making string.
Avo had been walking for what seemed like hours, moving carefully through the dense jungle, stepping over branches and admiring the ancient plant-life around him. He paused at a small pool in a clearing, kneeling for a drink he saw a good-sized stick, taking it up in his hands he tested it, deeming it a fine walking stick. He continued on through the brush thinking of where to make a shelter. The rain had faltered for a moment and he stopped, attempting to feel the elements around him. The connection was weak, but it was there.

He gathered berries from trees as he walked, gnawing on the bittersweet fruits when he heard the roar of the tiger, moving a bit faster towards the sound he came out through the trees, seeing first the Blood Elf, then the unmistakable form of a Druid charging towards the tiger. He set his stick in the ground, observing the scene, the clean quick strike as the tiger was put down. Avo frowned slightly feeling the pain of the beast's spirit. Seeing the Druid shift forms, he smiled a bit, he had always admired them. He came forth across the sand to put the tiger out of its misery.
Alabron finally awoke, he coughed up some water and shook his head. He sat up, water and sand falling off of his being as he did so. "Ugh, what happened?" He thought back and sighed, remembering the storm that knocked them into the island. He stood up, his leg was sore as he stood up. "Ah. Dammit.." He held his leg a bit and then slowly put weight on it to make it useable. He looked around but couldn't see anything but dense fog around him. He sighed and began to walk forward. He heard a noise, he reached for his bow as he noticed at the touch, it wasn't there. "Not my bow too! Dammit!" He looked around him as he walked around.

As he made his way up what seemed to be a hill, he looked to see where he was at but couldn't see anything before him. He shook his head, "Where the hell is everyone? Where the hell am I? Hope I don't see any hostiles, would hate to strangle them with my bare hands." He looked down as he saw a shining item underneath the sand somewhat. He cleared it off and noticed it was an arrowhead with little piece of the wooden shaft. He held it for a moment and sighed, nodding. "Could make a dagger of some sort." The kaldorei continued walking along the shore, hoping to find someone friendly.
The death knight had been standing, he hadn't been one to pass out during the accident at sea. He escaped the crash and the flying of debris by jumping into the water and swimming far away from the vessel. He then swam to shore the same night. He looked around for his runeblade which he could not find. "Dammit, I have to find it..." He looked at his dented armor, due to the debris that actually made contact with his armor. He took off his helmet, shoulder-plates, chest guard, guantlets, and his sabatons.

He looked around as he saw a white piece of cloth that was ripped and ragged. It was just enough for him to be able to tie around his face to cover it up. The only 'armor he had was the cloth pants he wore underneath his plated breeches. He sighed as he looked around for something as a weapon. Luckily for him and being a death knight, a food source along with a water source was not needed. He did need a weapon to protect himself from whatever lurks on this mysterious isle he is stranded on. He couldn't see much past the thick fog surrounding him.

He called out loudly, "Hello??? Anyone there?" His voice was echoed by his death knight accent. "Anyone still alive?" He spoke in common at first and shook his head, remembering there were some kaldorei on the same vessel as him. He yelled out in Darnassian, "Brothers or sisters are you out there???" He shook his head and growled under his breath. "Damn this unknown area." He began his search for other survivors.
She awoke laying on the cold wet sand, and she felt like she had been hit with a giant fist. Her body ached, and as she moved to sit, she moaned from the stiffness in her limbs. And she also realized she was naked.

The young priest tried to remember what had happened, the fierce combat, the sudden lurch of the ship as it crashed. She had been asleep in her pajamas, then thrown across the room, the nightgown must have caught something, it had momentarily stopped her. However, it ripped nearly in half, and left her falling into the violent seas below unattired.

Mercado looked herself over, and found only small scratches and bruises. She moved her right hand over her arms, her voice soft as she prayed quietly. A golden aura flowed from her hand, and the weariness and stiffnes subsided, and she thanked the light that she hadn't broken anything.

The soft rain that fell felt almost refreshing as she stood on the shore and tried to look about. There was very little debris on the sands around her, but then the heavy mist seemed to keep visibility to a minimum. As she moved slowly down the shore she came upon one of the many seaman that had fought and maintained the ship, his head was gone, and tears came to her eyes. She said a brief prayer for the dead man, then looked his body over for anything of use.

She tugged and pulled off the light linen shirt he had worn, and pulled it over her own bare shoulders. She then removed the soggy leather breeches he had on. These too she put on, and though wet, she felt better having some type of clothing on. She tied the rope-like belt around her waist, and looked to see anything else she might be able to use. But she did not.

She looked both ways down the shore and decided to move towards the wreck of the ship. "Maybe there were more survivors, and would they not be more inclined to salvage what they could from the ship?" she reasoned. She listened to the sounds of snarls and noises coming from the forest. And moved a little quicker towards the ship's wreckage.
Aliya had a thin piece of string, woven out of tree root roughly as long as her arm. She yanks it tightly, testing its strength before tying a loop at the end. She makes one wrap around the second tree branch, the broken arrow head tied with it. She makes a few wrap arounds, then lays the looped end onto the fray and string and wood. She continues wrapping and finally sends the excess string though the loop and pulls tightly, the knot locking in place.

She holds her newly made spear, and pokes it against the adjacent tree, the shaft bending a great deal. Her face twists with the lack of satisfaction, the bloody thing labeled useless in any sort of confrontation, but it was all she had.

"Hello??? Anyone there?"

off a bit; she didn't want to give away her position to any hostiles.

"Brothers or sisters are you out there???"

Her eyes widen at the sound of her native tongue, few hostiles of the area would know that, though it still could be an ambitious member of the Horde, trying to lure her out. Perhaps Horde fleet came by to salvage the wreckage. She lets forth a soft whistle, a faint Kaldorei tune emitting from her lips. Her hawk owl sores through the air before disappearing in the mists, Aliya, taking cover behind a tree, spear at the ready.
Letha was humming an old lullaby to herself as she moved along the beach at a crawling pace, eyes locked on the ground to keep herself from tripping. She had been walking for a few minutes now, before the silence of the island was broken. Off in the distance she heard someone yelling, to muffled to be heard clearly.

The girl furrowed her brows as she wondered what to do. It could be survivors from the wreck... Or something else. Am I hearing things? I think the silence is playing tricks on me...
She had come to a halt, already getting lost in her thoughts. Lethia lightly chewed on her lip as pondered what needed to be done.

She narrowed her eyes as she tried to pierce through the mist, glancing over to the right where she thought the forest was. Her brows furrowed as she finally made a decision. A sigh escaping her as she picked up a large, narrow piece of wooden debris. She balanced it in her hand for a second before drawing an arrow in the sand pointing towards the jungle. Then before she could change her mind she jammed it into the sand at the base of the arrow and yanked off her tabard, hanging it on top of the wood which was about eye hiegh for her.

The human just shook her head to herself as she made her way between the trees, searching for some suitable shelter.
Luthionn heard someone close by, yelling. He looked around, hoping he wasn't going insane. He took the peices of bark he had, and looked at his fire. It seemed to be going high, but was almost done for. He put his last big peice of wood on, and started walking to where he heard the yelling.

He was walking towards the noise, to see a Night Elf male. He walked towards the male, going behind him, and poked him on his helmet. Making sure that he was alive.
"Alright? Alright!? Do I look alright? My armor is in pieces, my daggers gone, my hair is absolutely ruined and... And... I'm alive. Thank you."

Illaeh sat down a cupped her head in her hands, she let out an exasperated sigh before running a hand back through her hair.

"Look. I can't see the sun, I don't know what time it is, so it's best if we prepare as if night is coming soon. We'll need somewhere dry, maybe a cave,"

Illaeh points at the now dead tiger.

"Our friend here obviously lived somewhere, retracing his steps might bring us somewhere useful. I'm not the best tracker, but with three of us, I'm sure we'll accomplish something."

Illaeh stands herself up, stretching.

"I'm Illaeh, by the way. And I'm not normally so... helpless. Now, let's move."

Illaeh stepped over the tiger corpse and vanished into the mist.

"You boys coming?"
Alabron's ears perked up as he heard the his native tongue come from behind him. He quickly turned around to see two figures below from the hill was standing atop of. He squinted his eyes, the mists making it harder for him to see clearly. He prepared his arrow-dagger as slowly walked closer to the two. He saw a dark-skinned kaldorei and another behind him. He ran up to them both and spoke out. "More survivors! I'm glad to find more survivors, the fact you both are of my kin is even better.

He bowed to them both, "Alabron Stargaze, nice to meet you gents." He had picked up some human slang and nicknames for beings. He looked at the two death knights and examined the one with a white mask on. "Hmm.."

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