The Shrouded Isle ((Closed / IC))

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Catheden smirked as he saw the elf running down towards him. He also felt another poking him in the back of the head. "Oh, hello brother, glad to see you.." He spoke in Darnassian, didn't trust enough people to be speaking in common all the time. He then turned as the other elf had finally approached the two. "Hello there. Do you have any supplies? I only can make weapons out of wood or scrap metal." He awaited the man's response, his white hair flowing in the breeze of the island. He looked up the shore for any others.

He sighed, shaking his head. He held it in his hand and cooled his hand off with frost magic. He cracked his knuckles, then his neck, and then his back. He groaned as his bones loosened up a bit. He smirked at the elven man who bowed to him. He bowed back politely, but didn't say his name. "I know who you are, actually I'm surprised you don't know who I am."
Mercado had slowed her pace some, due to the roots and debris that kept tripping her. She kept looking around her, particularly towards the forest as she made her way along the shoreline. Her heart was beating quickly in her chest and she thought she heard someone yell, but maybe it was a bird calling out too, she just didn't know, this damnable fog muted everything, and she could barely see a few feet in front of her, if that.

She stopped when she came across a piece of wood with some sort of tabard thrown over it, and then noticed the makeshift arrow in the sand pointing into the forest. She looked around, her eyes wide, and she quickly decided that this was some indication that someone was alive besides herself. She moved tentatively in the direction the arrow pointed, she kept her armor spell on the tip of her tongue should anything jump her as she entered the soggy leaves and dark forms that constituted bushes and trees of the forest. She watched the ground and followed what footprints she could make out further into the foilage.

She thought she could make out some sort of form in the fog, moving through the wet leaves and trees, and she cried out, "Hello? HELLO! Can you hear me!!"
Aldiran awoke on the shore, he had nothing on but his loincloth. He sat up, holding his head. It was pounding as he stood up and looked around. "Great.." He noticed fog had surrounded him and he couldn't see anything. He squinted his eyes as he saw some trees. He walked over near the brush, thinking there'd be a forest. Thinking that there'd be food. He wasn't scared to confront any other beings in the tall trees or any creatures that lurked and hunted there.

As he entered the forest, he saw his cloth pants he wore underneath his plated legguards. He put them on and continued onward. "Hmm, need to make sure I don't get myself killed in here." He sighed as he saw something move in some bushes. He readied himself for anything. He heard some violent moving from the bush as he just stood, listening. He was knocked down as a large panther pounced on him. The large elf hold the giant mouth of the feline back. He swung his left fist into it's jaw, knocking it off of him.

The panther growled in pain as it pounced for him again. Aldiran manuevered himself so as the giant cat jumped at him, he could get out of the way, and even punch it again. As the giant cat landed, Aldiran got behind it in a submission hold and took hold of it's large neck. He yelled out, "Ahhh!!!" He snapped it's neck quickly and precise. He sighed as he didn't want to have cauused so much pain to just an animal looking for food.

He got up from the panther corpse and spoke out, "Thank you, my feline friend. You will serve as my food supply for sometime. He picked the panther up and threw it over his shoulder. He continued his way down through the forest.
Mercado pushed though the bushes and past the trees trying to reach the other figure moving up ahead of her. She noticed that the form was following the tree line, and she started doing the same, finding herself closer now than she had been.

"Wait, WAIT! Can you hear me? Hey, YOU!"
Lethia blinked as she heard someone shouting, glancing over her shoulder as she understood it as common. Her brows furrowed, glancing around the forest floor until her eyes landed on a hefty looking stick, two inches thick and about a foot and a half long. She balanced it in her hand before moving behind a tree and answering the voice.

"Who's out there?" She first said quietly before repeating louder, "Who's out there?!?" Her hand holding the makeshift weapon shaking lightly, her mind racing through all of the worst possible scenarios. The girl licked her lips before shouting again, not waiting for an answer. "Whoever ye are, put your hands above your head and come towards the sound of my voice!" Her tone wavering, her mind still giving her terrible thoughts. Her heart beating a mile a minute as her knuckles turned white on the hand gripping the makeshift club.
Mercado sighed a breath of relief, as she finally got the other's attention, and slowly moved closer. Then she realized that maybe she wasn't welcome!

She held her shield spell at the ready, as she put her arms above her head, and moved towards the tree that the voice seemed to be coming from.

"Um, I don't mean you any harm...friend?...hello, friend?" Her voice was calm, and she looked anxiously towards the tree as she moved closer.
Aliya narrowed her eyes, her knees bent and back slouched behind the tree. Turning her gaze upward she only saw the outlining shroud of Lokisiel’s shadow, her lips whistling a soft medley, the Owl returning a tune of his own.

Relaxing her shoulders, she took a step out from behind the tree, spear in hand. Throwing her voice out, as she would back in Ashenvale, she speaks an eloquent Darnassian, unspoiled by human lingo or slang.

“With all your shouting, we will be dead before the sun sets.” She speaks, towards the Kaldorei men, her voice emitting vaguely from the tree line, but, oddly, little more than average volume.

Trekking forth, her shadow projects itself on the white, transparent screen in front of her before appearing from the mists, Lokisiel indulging his royal throne on her shoulder. She continues in Darnassian, her voice authoritive and bossy.

“We need food, water, and protection.” She begins, holding the handle of her spear outward, but to no one in particular. “Here, someone take this and make their way to the shoreline. Fish can be eaten raw if cleaned correctly. I am going to head into the forest, maybe find a spring nearby.”
He heard the voice of a kaldorei woman. He turned his head and shrugged lightly speaking not too loud, but enough for her to hear clearly. "We are fine, me and one of my friends here are death knights, so me and him do not need food, water, or sleep even. Protection is not a problem. However, we will help you find food and water for you and our other friend here."

He saw the woman and bowed to her. "I have my own. I can go can some fish for you." He spoke back to her in Darnassian as everyone there could understand it. He then listened for crashing waves, he then headed in that direction. He formed a weaker blade made of clean ice. He gripped it in his hand, he then looked as he saw the shoreline. He got to the edge of the shore began to look for fish.

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