Ret idea (PvP)

Blizz, I havent seen anyone mention an idea like this, but since our class is balanced around our cooldowns, (and pretty lame duck without them, unless I get RNG DP procs) and our 2-5 min cooldowns can be countered with a 30 second cooldown (fear, disarm, ect...)...

Please refund a portion of our cooldown timer if we get ccd during the duration of it(the cooldown), based on how long we were ccd. I don't think this would fix the broken status of our spec (ret is still fun, and I do well with it considering im not full Mal yet), but it would help out a lot (imo)

Might put this in the suggestion forums if it gains any positive feed back.

EDIT: I forgot to mention this is mainly a pvp idea.
Or make AW 2mins and reflect the next magic effect. 2 min spell reflect isnt bad. Most peeps will use a minor spell on it first. But it would add some skill when timing it against an incoming fear, cyclone, silence, etc. Dks steal magic, warr mass reflect, why not make the other plate class do something similar?

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