What is this PvP Transmog?

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So there is this gear that this Tauren Warrior in the video down below is wearing and I keep seeing it around from time to time. I managed to identify the swords, which are both twin Armaggedons. Can someone please tell me the build of this warrior? And where could I possibly get it? Not to mention this video is quite old, so is it still avaliable? Thank you.

Its really hard for me to see much detail in that video and there are so many transmog items available, it looks a little like Demon Stalker maybe, but I cant really tell. Someone else may recognise it better.

Your best bet would be, next time you see it on someone. Click on the person, right click their image and click inspect, you will then be able to see the names of the items.

Thats hunter gear tho, so I assume he wouldn't be able to transmog it, would be weird if he was wearing mail.
It's a mismatched set of pieces of Valourous Dreadnaught (tier 7.5) and other plate gear from Naxxramas.

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