Stroke of Midnight ((Closed RP Sign-ups))

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Alice crept through the shadows, watching a Kaldorei creep along. Alice smirked and sped up her pace. She wouldn't let him get to her father. No way that was going to happen. She nocked an arrow into her bow and aimed, then let it fly. . .


OK, for one, I have been horrible at keeping closed RPs going. . . but I have a pretty normal schedule, so I should be able to keep this one up.

For two, this is set after Mists of Pandaria, after we found Pandaria, the Pandaren, the Shas, etc.

For three, any names that are similair or the same as other lore characters, I am entirely sorry, I do not know many names in World of Warcraft lore or otherwise.

For four, alot of this lore is a bit made up but I tried to find a way to make this work, but nothing was linked together. . .

Basic Story:
Years after the discovery of Pandaria . . .

The Horde and Alliance still fighting. . .

A new disaster rises up. . . A man named Marthius Blackwood. Marthius is a warlock, and he has discovered a way to transform the ordinary person, of any gender or race, into a Demon. he plans to do it on a special night, one that hasn't happened for many years. . . The aligning of Azeroth's two moons.

With that night only a month away, a group of heroes are gathered together to fight against Marthius. His daughter, Alice, works alongside him, and as an excellent marksman, eliminates all those who try to kill him. . .

The heroes are battle hardened, or clever, or both. They are the best the Horde and Alliance have to offer!


1. A Hero:
Horde or Alliance, doesn't matter, race, class, doesn't matter. You could even be Pandaren!

2. Marthius:
To be honest, I'll be very picky about who I pick for this Role, and he is a warlock, he is the villain, but he could be sympathetic, it doesn't really matter. . . not really.

3. Willing Victim:
Someone who is willingly helping Marthius, and will be turned into a Demon on that night. I don't want to have to many of these, it'll be hard to keep up with all of you :P.

4. Traitor:
Only one please, I won't be entirely picky, your trying to kill Marthius, but your pretending to be on his side. I don't have to have someone in this role, just giving more people a chance.

I try to accept everyone, but for this I only want about 12 people 5 as heroes, 1 Marthius, 5 willing victims, and 1 traitor. Thanks guys, I'll be playing his daughter, who I'll probably have die later on, I need suggestions on what happens to her. Hope this turns out well!

Sign Up Form:

Basic Appearance:
Weapons (If Any):
Short Back Story:
Reason why your character is doing this role:

Sorry it's so long, but I need a little insight :).

P.S.: Hope this sounds interesting, I tried my best.

Maive the Beggar- Willing Victim
Paulina Bonner- Willing Victim
Tellian Bonner- Willing Victim (Paulina's sister)
Name: Catheden Everblade

Age: Over 900 years

Race: Kaldorei

Class: Death Knight

Role: Traitor

Basic Appearance: Dark purple skin with frosty blue eyes. He is tall and strong as a regular death knight. He has long white hair with black tips due to a past curse he had. Rune tattoos on his back of two blades intersecting inside an 'E'. Another of a runeblade on his chest. He has a scar on his face from his chin to the bottom of his eye.

Armor: Heavy plated armor that has been enhanced and changed appearance to look like his old armor. The dark saronite plate.

Weapons (If Any): He carries a large runeblade that looks jagged all over the blade. It can cut straight through or splice in multiple directions with its jagged spikes and corners.

Short Back Story: After the Lich King betrayed all the death knights, Catheden rode out and fought, killing his minions and others who stood in his path to power. He heard of the Lich King's death and had no purpose. He just walked around the world of Azeroth, clueless on what to do. He thought if doing the right thing would be fun. Sure enough, he is out for justice now.

Reason why your character is doing this role: Catheden knows how it feels to be betrayed and to betray. He studied methods on how to get people to trust him and how they feel towards him.
Accepted Catheden! Traitor role was the first that went!
cool, hope you get more for your thread ^_^
Hope so too!
Hmm, I want to join but I'm having trouble deciding which character to go as. I have Kal'tok the Troll Druid who's a high ranking member of a powerful crime organization, but I also have an Alliance Pandaren Warrior who believes in doing the right thing.
It's up to you, I'm just glad you want to join. Do both if you'd like to.
Name: Kal'tok
Age: 18 (During MoP)
Race: Darkspear Troll
Class: Druid
Role: Hero
Basic Appearance: Kal'tok is a muscled Troll who stands about a head taller than a normal Darkspear and has the girth to match, his dark blue hair is tied into a large knot resting on his back, and his fur is a little long and thicker than normal.
Armor: He wears a set of leather armor in a Pandaren Style normally along with a tabard showing the symbol of his organization which is a stack of gold coins on a black background but he won't be wearing it for this mission.
Weapons (If Any): Kal'tok uses his Amber spear in battle along with his Druidic magic unless he is fighting in an animal form.
Short Back Story: Kal'tok was once a young Darkspear Warrior who set off to explore the world only to run out of money in the Goblin town of Ratchet, luckily he found the Blackmarket Cartel who were hiring so he joined up and during his time there he was sent on a small spiritual journey by one of their Shaman, it was during that journey he wanted to become a Druid to help the land and went to Moonglade to find a teacher. After a while of working in the Blackmarket Cartel he had managed to rise up to become leader of it's fighting force.
Reason why your character is doing this role: Marthius stole an ancient tome from the Blackmarket Cartel and Kal'tok decided he was going to do this job himself.

Name: Yanyun Serpentstrike
Age: 20 (During MoP)
Race: Tushui Pandaren
Class: Warrior
Role: Hero
Basic Appearance: Yanyun is a muscled Pandaren with an average layer of fat and a scar from his claw on the skin near his eye.
Armor: Yanyun wears a suit of dark yellow plate armor in a Pandaren style. ((
Weapons (If Any): A glowing greatsword with a blunt section between the handle and the small spikes on the blade. ((Destiny))
Short Back Story: Yanyun is the son of a farming couple on the Wandering Isle but wanted to become a Warrior like most of the people in his father's side, at the age of 12 his Uncle agreed to teach him on the condition that Yanyun trains with the Monks for a year, Yanyun was confused but agreed anyway. During that year he learnt the basics of fighting, chi, and discipline, his Uncle then taught Yanyun the ways of the Warrior for seven years. When the Alliance and Horde came to the Wandering Isle Yanyun was face with a tough decision about who to join but joined the Alliance because he agreed with their values and sense of honor more than the Horde's.
Reason why your character is doing this role: Yanyun heard about this Warlock's actions and decided to join the heroes to stop Marthius from harming the innocent.
Kaltokk both characters are accepted. :)
This looks really exciting! I will maybe join in... :)
You should!
When is it going to start? I've never actually participated in "out-of-game" RPs... so I'm a little confused. :)
When every role is filled, I will create the IC thread.
Well RPing two people at once will be a fun challenge.
Yea, if you want to just use the same character so you dont have to post alot.
Yea, I will post as both characters on Kal'tok.
Ok :P
Okay! I will enter. :D

Name: Allgira Blightbane
Age: 456yrs
Race: Kaldorei
Class: Death Knight
Role: Hero
Basic Appearance: Allgira tall, her body well-toned, like any average Death Knight's. Her skin is a frosty purple, tiny Unholy runes skittering across her back and arms. Her eyes are like two piercing crystals of frost. Allg's hair is a lackluster green, obviously plague-touched. It falls down to her mid-back. She has a scar around the joint of her right shoulder, indicating that it has been sewn back on. There is also a scar on her neck, matched by an identical one on the back, revealing how she died. She has a short temper and a metallic hue to her voice.
Armor: Allg prefers to wear the standard saronite armor of a Death Knight.
Weapons (If Any): She always carries around her runeblade. The large sword is covered in luminescent cerulean runes and seems to be dripping with an icy essence.
Short Back Story: Allgira doesn't remember much about her past, except for when she was killed. She was killed at the Plaguelands while trying to restore the land. Next thing she remembers, she wakes up, cold. Her lovely green hair turned dull, as well as her golden eyes, hollow and icy. Allg decided to try and help the Alliance as much as she could, just like in life.
Reason why your character is doing this role: Allgira heard of the evil warlock and a small group willing to go after him and decided to join, to prove to her kin that she was worth of their respect, despite of her being a "Risen". ((My guild calls the DK Kaldorei that))
Allgira is accepted, thank you!
Awesome! Thanks. :)

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