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Your welcome!
glad to see this got some bites:3
Yea me too, I thought no one would sign up.
Is Marthius a certain race you want to give us or is he just any that we can pick from?
I would prefer a couple races, but it is open to all races, that (in game and lorewise) can become a warlock. I would much prefer Human over anything, because I don't RP anything else but Night Elves and Humans, sometimes Worgen, so, since I am playing his daughter, I would prefer it to be a race I can RP. If someone wants him to be an Orc, I'll be his "adopted" daughter.
Name: Roewn Valewind


Race: Sin'dorei

Class: Priest

Role: Hero

Basic Appearance: Petite, with fel green eyes similar to the rest of her race. She's a bit on the pale side with long silver locks that easily reach her waist. She's of average height with slightly sharp features. A starburst of scars take up the bottom/left portion of her neck and shoulder.

Armor: Usually clad in thick, dark robes with designs in a light silver thread and an oversized hood to match. ((Basically what she wears in-game.))

Weapons (If Any): She carries only a long, curved dagger at her waist though she has no particular skill in hand to hand combat or weapon specialty.

Short Back Story: A traveler by nature, Roewn has never had a home. Abandoned as an infant, she grew up in many different houses with many different people. She captured Priest Tyelis attentin at a young age and has been mastering the arts of healing ever since. She's more suited as a battle medic, though she taught in Dalaran as a healing instructor for a period of time.

Reason why your character is doing this role: Because she can't sit and watch as innocent beings die when she could be the reason they live. Healing is her calling and none are below her services.
So Two characters.

Name: Paulina Bonner
Class: Warlock
Role: Willing victim
Basic Appearance: Has strawberry blond hair, a fair complexion and glowing blue eyes. Standing at an imposing 6'4, she is small and lithe with a book worm look to her.
Armor: Wears heavily cloth over her head and body revealing only her eyes. Her entire armor is purple with splashes of silver showing off the shoulder pads.
Weapons (If Any):Weilds a staff with a crescent moon on the top.
Short Back Story: Born with her sister to a small crime ring, her and her sister were both raised by their uncle who was a infamous for his cruelty in battle. Born and raised under his wing, her sister learned the traits of her uncles abilities. While Paulina learned from her aunt, who was an accomplished Warlock, taught Paulina how to summon dark magic. In Paulina's first try she summoned a Felguard from beyond, the fell-guard know as Kerhza. Foul tempered at having to served a 12 year old, he did what was asked but begrudgingly. After a couple years Kerhza and Paulina came to an uneasy truce to which, Paulina promised to release him every now and again so he could return to his plane if he allowed her to call on him when needed.

After a week in Stormwind, in the shadier parts of town she heard whispers of a man seeking to turn people into demons. Immeditly looking for the man, she willingly joined him along with her sister.
Personality.To a lot of people, Paulina appears quiet and cold and just very unfriendly, which she is.
Reason why your character is doing this role: Wants more power and hopes becoming a demon will help further her goals.

Name: Tellian Bonner
Race: Human
Class: Swashbuckler
Role: Willing Victim
Basic Appearance: Standing at 6'0, Tellian is much like her sister, a small thin build, with strawberry blond hair and dark blue eyes.
Armor: Tellian wears tight fitting leather armor, with red, green and black mixed in. She wears no helmet but her legs and chest are colored in a mix of colors.
Weapons (If Any): Wields a rapier in one hand and a small pistol in the other. The rapier she named Vengeance while the pistol she had named Swift strike.
Short Back Story: ((Refer to above.))
Reason why your character is doing this role: ((Refer to above.
Paulina looks like:


((You said brief so did not wanna flood your thread with two sign ups >.< so tried my best to give the basics of their backgrounds))
Name: Maive the Begger
Age: 76
Race: Human
Class: Begger (hunter if i actually have to use a real class)
Role: Willing Victim
Basic Appearance: Old and wrinkled, he has long gray hair that is balding on top, and a scruffy beard. His eyes are dark brown and he always looks tired. He wears ragged clothes. his arms are tattered with scars, and he has a single scar on his left eyebrow.
Armor: Begger's clothes
Weapons (If Any): Lillith, his wolf companion.
Short Back Story:

Maive is the definition of pathetic, his is not the story of a fallen hero down on his luck who reminisces on his former days of glory, no Maive is as he has always been, a worthless, good for nothing, lazy delinquent. He travels from places to place with only his worn out clothes, a begging cup, and the only possession he takes pride in, his wolf Lillith, Maive may not see decent food for days, but when he does he always splits it with Lillith, and gives her the bigger portion.

As bad off as Maive is, you can only imagine how cheap it would be to buy his loyalty, and being he is somebody would go unnoticed if he was to vanish, he was the perfect candidate for Marthius' cruel experiments

Reason why your character is doing this role: nobody has taken willing victim, and even though I am new to this...I think I can pull it off in a unique way!
01/21/2013 05:06 PMPosted by Elderhunter
I would prefer a couple races, but it is open to all races, that (in game and lorewise) can become a warlock. I would much prefer Human over anything, because I don't RP anything else but Night Elves and Humans, sometimes Worgen, so, since I am playing his daughter, I would prefer it to be a race I can RP. If someone wants him to be an Orc, I'll be his "adopted" daughter.

I hope Marthius is going to be a human that looks like this:
That's just how I imagined him! XD
Name: Marthius Blackwood

Age: 43 year old male

Race: Human

Class: Demonologist (Warlock)

Role: Marthius

Basic Appearance: Just reaching to 6', Marthius was not extremely tall, but his stature and the bearing he carried himself made one think he was taller than he actually was. His features were smooth, and some would almost say handsome, though his dark eyes, and black Van Dyke gave him a more ominous look. His voice was deep and low, when he spoke, it made others turn to take notice. He was articulate, but not long winded, meaning he did not speak to hear himself talk.

Armor: Prefers the dark robes he wears that have mystic runes and sigils woven within the weave of the very cloth they are made of, yes robes he has designed and created himself. As well as several trinkets that swing from his belt, that appear to be the skulls of a human, and some other humanoid form (orc?). He also has several rings that provide some protections as well that heighten his massive spell abilities. The whole ensemble give him a dark and foreboding appearance.

Weapons (if any): Marthius needs no weapons to defeat those who would attempt to destroy him, his demons, followers and his daughter are more than sufficient to take care of intruders. Though he does wear a beautifully designed and decorated dagger on his belt. It is more for rituals and when blood is needed, not for combat. He will also walk about with a staff that looked fitting to be in his hand, a purple aura seemed to eminate from it while he held it.

Short backstory: Marthius began as a mage of some repute, but he felt he needed more, such as power and influence, and turned to studying the arts of demonology and the dark studies of magic. He has spawned several areas of demons and their ilk to frighten and scare the civilians, as well as provide him more power and spheres of control over the beings of the Netherworld. Many demons know of his name and tremble.

Now he has researched and discovered a way to turn pitifully normal people into demons. Demons he can control and make an army of...he has only to wait; wait for that perfect hour.

The only weakness he may have is the love he has for his daughter, and he has made sure she has always had the best in everything she ever wanted and needed. His love knows no bounds where she is concerned. To harm her would incur a wrath not many would be able to withstand. Consider yourselves warned.

Reason why: The character has a distinct personality, and being in charge of a small following, as well as reaching the culmination of all he has worked for so close, it would be an honor to rp him for the thread. (And he's evil, I like evil!)
For now, I am not accepting anyone for the role of Marthius just yet, so people have a chance.

And the picture is exactly how I imagined him too!

Now for the other sign ups. . .
Rakmisuul both are accepted, but two things, one, please proofread a bit, I understood it, and I'm sure others did too, and I really don't mean to be rude, but I would rather you proof read it for some words. Sorry if that came off mean.

Biggy you are accepted aswell, and I do like the idea of him being someone who cares for someone else even though no one has really cared for him. This will be an interesting RP.
Sorry Elder lol typed it on my iphone and my eyes are bad >.< will type it better in RP
Oh ok, sorry, auto correct?
Well it looks like we have our Marthius.
ya small screen + dyslexia is not good
No the Marthius role is still open, I'm gonna give people a chance to sign up.

And yeah. . . :P
I have one simple question

1- Is this going to be typing RP or in-game RP? If it is in-game what server?

Thank you for your time if you answer this!
Typing RP, I'd love to do an in game RP with someone though, if anyone's intrested!!

(Elder is my alt.)

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