Stroke of Midnight ((Closed RP Sign-ups))

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I may stick with a hero, because I want to add a twist to the story, but we'll see how everything works out!
So. . . :)
I think it's dead now :P
i am here but your taking forever to start >.<
i am here but your taking forever to start >.<

Looking for this?

My character asleep, so kinda waiting for events to move toward the next day...though I did toy at the idea of posting "Maive's dream" though it would be nothing but filler that would contribute nothing to the story...except maybe character development for Maive
I posted but Luci is Marthius so theres not much we can do, I did mention in my post, that Alice thought about visiting Maive. I will fast forward to the next day, everyone is starting to stop posting so hopefully . . . eh. Post his dream if you'd like then I'll post for the next day.

Let me know either way!
if everyone else i around i can take over marthius
If you want me to pull the storyline forward, I can. If it's the next day then so be it, I too have been waiting for a post to continue.
so posted once and got no response so idk what to post now
I have posted for the night. The morning can be whatever Alice has planned with Maive. Or wherever you wish the story to go, Elderhunter.

The sister who would have attempted to knock on Marthius' study would have been directed away from disturbing the Lord of the estate. There was opportunity to post while dinner was being done, but perhaps something for the morning? Remember, the sisters can be in one room or seperate rooms, and it is in the manor. Most things can be provided, sundries and such. And this is very expensive and beautiful furnishing. Indulge yourselves...bubble baths anyone? or perhaps a bottle of champagne or fine wine to bring on a good night's rest?

I hope we can discuss a few things, Catheden...I remember you coming in and chatting with Alice, but not bringing anything up to Marthius at dinner. Perhaps you can intercept him on the way down to breakfast or soon after?

And who will be the first to be taken to the site to be changed into a demon. Yes, there have been a few errors, and mistakes, but the moons are closer now, and that lunar power will make the change more likely? Yes? Hmm, who indeed.

Elderhunter, let me know if there is anything else I may need to do or include in future postings so we can keep the story flowing and moving forward.
I can't spell your name off the top of my head, so I just said Luci. orry, i'll type Lucif now. Ok so, this is getting pretty slow, but it's going great and that's fine. I just posted, and Lucif, you could post for the morning and I'll follow and then Alice will visit Maive or talk to him before or at breakfast.

Not many of the heroes are getting replys and stuff, so if any of you just want to post, then go ahead and post getting together with everyoner else, that might help this start going. Suggestions, just suggestions.
You can call me Luci, Luc, or whatever, just don't call me late for dinner...

Morning absolutions posted!

I would like to hear from those still with us at breakfast, it would aid me in what may proceed through the day.
Yes, and Maive I plan to have Alice visit you, so say whether you are available or not please. Otherwise this is going great.
idk what to post...
Maybe you could be heading to where everyone should meet up?
hmmm how to write.... kay will post soon
I apologized for the delay, I was a bit under the weather this weekend. Posted another this morning.
Umm not entirely sure who Boldor is exactly, and not sure if he signed up so. . . ummm. . . I guess if he sees this he'll see it's closed. If he did sign up, fine by me, I checked the accepted, but didn't see his name.
Sorry didn't realize it was closed. Ill delete.
It's fine your welcome to sign up though!

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