Stroke of Midnight ((Closed RP Sign-ups))

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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What information do you want for signing up?
Check the first post by me, there is the sign-up sheet and other information you may need to know.
Name: Bodor Bloodfang
Age: 22
Race: Human/Worgen
Class: Warrior
Role: Hero
Appearance: Human) tan skin, reddish brown hair and beard; very muscular; Worgen) black and furry lol
Armor: He prefers to wear his custom Dwarven plate, but will wear whatever is necessary since he is a mercenary.
Weapons: He is a Fury/Arms warrior. He has a 6 foot long spear with a barbed tip. He also uses two brutal axes, one with a fire enchantment and the other with frost.
Backstory: Born as a human in Elwynn Forest, he joined the Alliance Army at 18. He was posted just south of Gilneas. He fell in love with a merchant in the city and decided to marry her. Two weeks before their wedding, the assault on the city began. He rushed in to save her when he saw she was surrounded by feral Worgen. He arrived too late and was bitten and barely survived. He despises the beast he has become. He doesn't have full control of himself so if he transforms and get bloodthirsty, he becomes a mindless feral monster. He tries to hide what he is when possible. He travels the Eastern Kingdom as a mercenary.
Reason for role: Bodor is a mercenary but only takes jobs he sees as right. He would be a great addition to the force being assembled to take down the evil of Blackwood.
Accepted, now remember, being in his home is not your best idea, since your a hero. :)
What exactly is the location or setting?
I know in the introduction I did not specify where Blackwood Manor was, but it is in a secluded area, I don't want it to be like, in Duskwood, but let's say it's a bit secluded. Since your a hero, your setting is up to you.
Ok. I'm kinda picturing it like somewhere in the Northern Eastern Kingdoms like plaguelands or possibly in Northrend.
Lol, I do believe I might put it in Deadwind Pass, since the river is set deep in the stone of the pass, I might say it was somewhere near the edge of the zone, but the Manor has gardens, so. . . yeah.
Well it's your thread, just throught I'd give my thoughts :) Imma go ahead and post to introduce Bodor to these "heroes" :)
Okay have fun!
Welcome to the party, pal!

Sorry, couldn't help that quote...good to have you, Bodor!
I left Maive out in the woods so Lillith can do wolf things, thought it would be a good place where Alice could meet up with him ^^
trying to give other people chance to post
I am under the weather yet again this week with a severe cold. I will not be on WoW for the next few days. I apologize ahead of time for my absence.
How shall I go about taking someone for my "experiment" of demonizing them? Does it matter? Or do I just choose, and RP it to a conclusion? Also, will the player be in control of the demon, myself, or will it die, what?

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