<Dread> Sell runs

<Dread> is currently selling loot from raids, while we most commonly sell loot from MSV feel free to inquire about custom requests.

Contact details:
Skype: cwilson4444
AIM: cwilson4444@gmail.com
Real-ID: cwilson4444@gmail.com
InGame: Hips, Moondel

Please be sure to mention what you are contacting me for, especially via skype.

6/6 Heroic MSV: Full Mogu' Shan Vaults run, this will get you all 6 boss kills and rewards the title Delver of the Vaults for all characters on your battle.net account at level 90 and any unwanted loot. (200k gold)

Will of the Emperor: Last boss of Mogu' Shan Vaults, this rewards the title Delver of the Vaults and any unwanted loot. (100k gold)

~Both of these also reward a limited time Feat of Strength which will soon be removed from the game.

Rip Off
Where do I sign up?
how about 3k for a H Will kill, no loot and I throw in a free firm hand shake.
Still have spots left for today
heroic sha
nah take my spot for heroic sha
scratch that, selling my herioc sha spot for 10k. whisper Moondel if interested.

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