wts leveling kit

WTS Alchemy 1-600 Leveling kit 10k.
send me a tell in game, either my dk or warrior (Redkoolaid). Ill buy it asap
I will send you a tell the next time i get on.
I will be making more leveling kits soon!

First aid

I will post on here if and when I have a kit done!!
If you are looking for something post it on here also and i will focus on making that kit for you as soon as i can.

Thank you all for taking you time to look! Have a great day.
wanna make a cooking one?
To be honest with you cooking already has a in game "kit" that makes leveling cooking 1-525 very easy. Just talk to Sungshin Ironpawn http://www.wowhead.com/npc=64231/sungshin-ironpaw and cook what she gives you. If your looking to for a cooking kit for 525-600 you will have to let me know what area you want to focus on and I can look up what you will need and we will go from there. Im more than happy to help you out how ever i can just let me know.
oh i didnt know that. thanks.
I have a tailoring kit ready to go just pst me in game or leave me a message in my in game mail box i should be on all day on 1-23-13.
I would like a LW kit or a BS kit. Either or works for me. If you do make one lemme know a price approximately before you make it so i see if i can pay for it :P
Can I get a price on a kit for inscription and alchemy?
I have one LW kit
Psting for Neojiin; "I still want to buy it. I can't make forum psts while suspended." He'll be in touch once he gets back.
Good to hear he i still playing! Please tell him i still have his lw kit (made 2 lw kits when i was making his :D) and that I will not be on untill Monday. But on Monday i should be on all day.
yay i can make posts now :) , you on?
Ill buy an engineering kit!
hey aswell as the leatherworking kit, could u also do a enchanting kit, 25k for the 2.
If you are looking for a lvling kit please send me a in game mail or post it on here and ill quote you a price as soon as I can.
Is your price for an alchemy kit still 10k?
Hello how are you? I'm interested in a BS & JC kit for a toon on Arthas Horde.
Apsco#1786 if you see this. Thanks for your time!
im interested in an enchanting kit. in game mail beefdaddy with your price

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