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Aziel watched from above as the battle raged on. She watched as blood was shed, spirits were sent to the afterlife, and on rare occasion, a life was spared. As a life was spared, she would direct her unarmored hippogryph down towards the still-living soldier. In battle, she had become a legend. There were rumors of her that were murmured in secret among the combatants during the quiet times of battle, when everyone was in their tents, waiting for a battle. They spoke of a warrior wearing blue and white, mounted on a silver hippogryph. The warrior would descend when someone thought death was coming for them; and then would carry them from the the battle, back to the camp.

Only her commander knew what she did on the battlefield. It was agreed that her actions would be kept secret, as it rallied the spirits of the soldiers. No one knew her at the camps. Some people claimed to be friends with her, but hardly knew more than her name. Nothing about her was remarkable; her eyes were a soft teal, her hair was dark brown, to fall straight to the middle of her back. No one would remember any aspect of her. She was unremarkable. It made her task all the easier.

Everyone just thought of her as one of the healer's aids. Though no one ever made fun of her for it, no one really cared about her. She cared for every one of them. At least once, she had saved the veterans there. The battle began to slow, and, finally, night fell. Fires burned to life miles away, and, what seemed painfully slowly, the troops returned to their camps. Aziel circled over the battlefield, collecting dying soldiers and returning them to the camp. Most would be healed. And be sent out to die again... She landed a ways away, and hurried to the camp to aid in the healing.

She wasn't the only one shrouded in mystery on the battlefield.


Welcome to Angels of Battle!

This is about a somewhat mysterious group of soldiers mixed in with 'regular' ones. This is set in Stonetalon, and is open to both factions.

These mysterious soldiers have become known as Angels of Battle, and often save other soldiers from death, or stop a fight from breaking out. There can only be so many of these (I'm thinking between 5 and 7) Angels, and playing one of these may present a somewhat difficult situation for your character. They can't stand out, except in battle. I apologize if I was unclear, they really are just normal soldiers, who do abnormal things. They are not literal angels.

Of course, you're welcome to have more than one character, but I am limiting 1 Angel of Battle per player. You do not have to play and Angel. If you'd like to play a normal soldier, by all means! Normal soldiers are definitely a must for this RP!


1. If you're an Angel of Battle, you cannot make yourself known. They are known amongst each other (i.e. if your character is an Angel, they would know Aziel as one)
2. Limit 3 characters per player
3. Speak with me if you would like to be the commander, or in higher power. For either faction.
4. This one is important: Do not kill another character without the player's permission. The winner/victor of the fight will be decided OOCly between the combatants. If need be, I will mediate.
5. Please... Have fun ^_^

Any questions, post!

Sign-Up form:






Physical Description:


Anything special:

BRIEF history: (Seriously people, keep it short, please! Lol)

Accepted Sign-ups:
Anyone with a (*) is an angel

Alabron - Alabron
Lia - Shinaria Sunblade*
Morgannlefay - Nessalyn “Nessa” “The Sunstrike” Daniels*
Xangtingwok - "Xang-Ting" Wok Fleetclap*
Einherrjar - The Librarian * (angel of Darkness)
Kaenei- Aziel Softheart*
Maraph- Maraph Dencune*
Elderhunter- Aliaa Nightwhisp (commander for Alliance)
Silvestris - Castiel Silvertine (commander for Horde)
Roewn - Roewn Valewind*
Nezza - Nezza Kanessa
It seems alright, but from what I can tell, the only thing we're going to b doing for X pages is flying around, saving people and stopping fights. Am I missing something? Cuz if I am, please, tell me.

And I thought it was Angels of Battle, not Silence of the Battle :P
The point is to keep it a secret, while still doing it. Hopefully people will join as regular soldiers who would try to figure it out.

And it started as Silence of the Battle, and I forgot to change that part xD

Well, I -MAY- eventually get a siggy up. IDK though.
I'm totally into this. I'll get a sign up sometime.
I'm interested, but I need a bit more information so I know who to sign up.

It's in Stonetalon, okay. Do both sides have these Angels? What is the cause of the Horde/Alliance fighting? Is it just skirmishes as usual? Is there an over-arching story pertaining to these angels or are we just fighting the entire time? Can we play a healer and not be an Angel?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm not trying to nitpick and I do think this sounds unique and interesting. I just have a lot of characters and I'm not sure which would fit best here. A bit more information would help me out a lot.
Anything I put in ( ) is if i am accepted as an angel. I was also curious if there could an angel of death. Like to kill someone who plans to kill another in an overly-brutal manner. Or even if they kill another in a cowardly way.

Name: Catheden (Death)Everblade

Race: Kaldorei (Angel)

Faction: Alliance (Neutral)

Class: Death Knight (Unholy Angel)

Age: Over 1000 years (Eternal)

Physical Description: He has dark purple and rough-looking skin. Frosted azure eyes are the only visible part of his face. He wears dark armor to protect himself. He carries a runeblade with the name etched upon the blade, "Death". He stands tall at 7'1 and is always seen standing straight up. (If angel, he has a pair of black wings that spread out far past his shoulders.)

Role: Soldier (Angel of Death)

Anything special: None (Rides a bone gryphon)

BRIEF history: Catheden has always been a fan of war and death. He wishes to fight against the Horde and win the Stonetalon Mountains for the Alliance's control. He had fought in many wars. He hates orcs the most out of all the races of the Horde. (Catheden has always enjoyed the life of all beings in the world. It was later that his superiors demanded that he'd be the angel of death to bring justice to the injustice and the murderers that bring it.))
Name: Alabron Stargaze

Race: Kaldorei

Faction: Alliance

Class: Ranger (Hunter without a pet)

Age: 403 years

Physical Description: He stands at average height of 6'10. He has light pink skin and glowing silver eyes. He has long white hair. He wears light mail armor to allow himself to move quickly and able to dodge attack easier. He uses a black wooden bow with a red interior. He wears a white mask for identity's sake, along with an eyepatch over an eye that is no longer there.

Role: Soldier or Scout.

Anything special: Usually rides nightsaber if he is a regular soldier, but goes quietly on foot if scouting.

BRIEF history: Alabron joined the SI:7 group in Stormwind. He learned a lot from the rogues there. He learned to be stealthy and quick all at once. He excels in scouting, though, he isn't a bad fighter also. He has a bit above average hearing and eyesight, yet he is missing an eye. He is quick runner if needed to run away from scouting on an enemy's base and gets caught.
I'm interested, but I need a bit more information so I know who to sign up.

It's in Stonetalon, okay. Do both sides have these Angels? What is the cause of the Horde/Alliance fighting? Is it just skirmishes as usual? Is there an over-arching story pertaining to these angels or are we just fighting the entire time? Can we play a healer and not be an Angel?

I think I can answer the first question...angels can be any race (i'm assuming) so technically each side can angels, but all angels are peaceful so they wont be fighting each other or any normal soldier on the other side. Also I'm guessing they are fighting in Stonetalon for territorial gains and loses since that's really what they do in the questlines there. these are all assumptions, im not the TM. just going with my gut on this.
Reserved for an Angel, I got the perfect one in mind :D
Name: Shinaria Sunblaze

Race: Quel'dorei (High elf)

Faction: Neutral, though doesn't mind helping the Alliance.

Class: Holy Priest (Holy Jailor)

Age: Unkown.

Physical Description:

Standing at 6'8, Shinaria has a athletic build. Lithe and agile, she was made for quickly moving through combat, and sometimes to avoid attacks when need be. She has long black hair that reaches just past her neck, her eyes a azure glowing blue, her facial features young and youthful as most her race, finished off with soft pink lips. Her skin would be pink, the only thing noticeable on her skin would be the two tattoos around her eyes that resembled spread out azure wings.

Armor: Starting from the top, she wears a white sleeveless cloth top with a hood attached to it, someone similar to the mageweave chest piece only white. Over this, there would be a layer of chain mail covered by a light plate plate. Her shoulder pads would look like faces of women with blue blind folds over their eyes, chains entwined with the hair looking design and hanging from the sides. For her gloves, the would be made of the same white cloth and reaches up to her elbow, where there would be a loose piece of cloth hanging from it mostly for looks, the same kind of thin white plate material layered over it. At her waist could be a belt surrounded by four waist bags, and her legs would be long cloth leggings with plate covering the front and the back of her thighs . Her boots would be knee high and made of leather.

Role: Angel

Anything special: For weapons, she does have a spell sword made of golden metal and holy runes etched into the blade, however she does conjure chains made of holy light that she can use as whips, restraints, and grappling hooks if need be. ((And if alowed, I could use her arch-angle form/spell for flight and getting around))

BRIEF history: Wanting to become a priestess ever since she was young, she trained hard and long. At one point, she and a friend tried to conjure chains made of holy light to use as way for fighting and protecting allies. They succeeded, but their first attempt sapped a lot of their strength, so they decided to practice further to a point where they can use it for as long as they want. They then called themselves, Holy Jailors.

((Tell me if there is anything that needs fixing/changing))
Will get an app up soon, reserving an angel spot.
Name: Nessalyn “Nessa” “The Sunstrike” Daniels

Race: Human

Faction: Alliance

Class: Paladin

Age: 18 years old

Physical Description: She stands at 5’7”. She has light skin, a freckled face, light brown eyes and light brown hair she usually keeps tied back in a long ponytail. There is also a small scar on her left cheekbone. ((Not sure if I needed to add armor to this))

Role: Angel

Anything special: Has the classic white/gold griffin for her mount.

BRIEF history: (Seriously people, keep it short, please! Lol) Nessalyn grew up in Lakeshire and started training to be a paladin as a preteen. She lived and trained in Stormwind until one day Nessalyn decided to test herself. She travelleed all over, helping people in need. For a short period of time, Nessalyn was kidnapped and forced to be a gladiator, which is where she got the title "The Sunstrike." Now she's here on the war front, acting as an Angel.
I'm interested, but I need a bit more information so I know who to sign up.

It's in Stonetalon, okay. Do both sides have these Angels? What is the cause of the Horde/Alliance fighting? Is it just skirmishes as usual? Is there an over-arching story pertaining to these angels or are we just fighting the entire time? Can we play a healer and not be an Angel?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm not trying to nitpick and I do think this sounds unique and interesting. I just have a lot of characters and I'm not sure which would fit best here. A bit more information would help me out a lot.

Yes, both sides can have the Angels of battle. They're not anything special really, they're just not fighting the normal way. It's just the usual skirmishes. They're not actual angels, it's just the story the soldiers have like, made up. As for fighting the entire time, I'm going to try to avoid too many fights, as they can sometimes be boring. Both sides are soon going to figure out that the other has the angels, and get rid of them. That's where the real story comes. You can play a healer, and not be an angel. You're not nitpicking Silvy, is kay, ^_^

Catheden, I think I may have been unclear. Like my character, these angels are just normal soldiers, fighting in an unusual way. They are not angels.

Alabron, accepted.

Lia, accepted. There's nothing special about the Angel's uniform, just whatever your character wears, and likely, an Alliance tabard. You can be an angel, and you may use the archangel thing to get around.

Morgan, accepted.
Name: "Xang-Ting" Wok Fleetclap

Race: Pandaren

Faction: Horde (Can change if need be)

Class: Windwalker Monk

Age: 34 (HY)

Physical Description:

Wok has about an average build for a pandaren. He is about as tall as an average human, and round about the midsection. He has a shout moustache, just following along his laugh lines (behind the fur, of course), and a goatee, in the form of a single spike on his chin. His hair brushed back on his head and tied into a small tuft, much like the tail of a wolpertinger. His fur is black and white in colour. His armour is nothing special, but he proudly bears his Brown Belt around his waist.

Role: Angel

Anything special: He has a hood/mask that he pulls over his face ((helpful in this RP)), and uses two fist blades as weapons ((Foot of the Crane and Paw of the Tiger)), but other than that, there's really not much special about what he does or uses.

BRIEF history: (Seriously people, keep it short, please! Lol)

Born in Binan Village, Wok Fleetclap was raised in the countryside of Kun-Lai. Carrying a heavy accent, he was most interested in writings and books. He became a scribe, joined the Horde when they came to Pandaria, and now learns the ways of the Monk, following Chi-Ji, the Red Crane, and Xuen, the White Tiger. He wishes to keep the conflict in Stonetalon - and anywhere - contained.
Xang, accepted.
Question: would it be possible for me to bring in a character that functions as the polar opposite of an "Angel of Battle"? Call it an "Angel of Darkness". Someone hired or brought in or who came in of his own accord to sow as much chaos and death as possible, and especially to hunt down the Angels.

It's actually somewhat depressing to me, realizing that none of my characters occupy the Good end of the morality spectra. The closest any of my guys get to good is Chaotic Neutral. Of course, if this goes ahead, you'll be seeing the worst of the worst.
Einherrjar, you may bring in an Angel of Darkness, but remember: your character would have received that name from stories told by other soldiers.

And don't be depressed, everyone needs a bad-guy!
Name: Aziel Softheart

Race: Human

Faction: Alliance

Class: Priestess

Age: 19

Physical Description: Aziel stands at about 5"4', and has a rather small build. Her eyes are kind, and have a soft teal color to them. Her light brown hair falls just to the middle of her back, and she keeps some of it in a half-ponytail. She has rather fair skin, and has yet to receive any visible scars. Around her neck, she wears a tight silken necklace with small silvery runes etched into it. Around camp, she wears a white robe, typical to a young priestess. During battles, she has wears a more silvery robe, with a soft blue colored chest-piece made of a thick cloth, for better protection. (Similar to a vest) She also wears a dark blue belt, with a small knife, for emergencies. When in battle, she has a mask shaped like a moon, that covers half of her face, and she has a grey woolen cloak.

Role: Angel, Priest's aid

Anything special: She has befriended a young silvery hippogryph that wears no armor. It seems quite untamed if approached. It was a companion given to her by her father when she left for Stonetalon.

BRIEF history: Aziel grew up on a small farm, not far from Stormwind City. It was known fairly soon that she possessed a connection with the Light, and she decided to travel with her father to the Cathedral. Her father was a long retired Paladin, but was a friend to many of the trainers there. Aziel never really harbored the instincts for battle that her father had, and it was recommended by her teachers that she avoid battles. A few years later, she was sent, with other training Priests, to Stonetalon, to aid in the healing of soldiers there. She soon found that the Horde here occasionally spared a combatant, and she decided to act on that.
Name: The Librarian

Race: Human

Faction: Technically Alliance (but only technically)

Class: Assassin

Age: 36

Physical Description: The Librarian never shows his face: it is always kept concealed by a mask made out of some silvery metal. The mask has some sort of enchantment on it that constantly shifts its appearance. One minute it can seem like a roaring demon, the next a wailing banshee, and so on. Generally the Librarian wears a full-body white cloak and keeps his hood over his head. When in serious combat, the Librarian will abandon the hood, revealing the set of black leather armor beneath. While the armor seems to be made of liquid shadow, this is an illusion: it is merely an extremely well-made set that has been tailor-fitted to the Librarian.

Role: Angel of Darkness

Anything special: The Librarian's mask contains several very useful spells in it, and while he doesn't have a scrap of magic on his own anymore, the mask enables him to do things such as create copies of himself (similar to the Blademasters from Warcraft III), "blink" a short distance as long as there is some form of shadow in the target destination, and a couple other spells. He keeps a single "one-shot" on him: it is a flashlight-shaped titansteel device holding a shaped charge and two-inch titanium barbs, meant to be used for anti-armor purposes only.

BRIEF history: The Librarian was an archivist for the Silver Hand at the start of the Third War. During the events of the war, he was, through an extremely unfortunate set of circumstances, trapped inside a burning building during a major battle. He escaped with his life, but was severely burned. Believing that the Light had abandoned him, the Librarian became a wandering assassin-for-hire, making quite a profit from the wars and skirmishes flaring up across the continents. During his travels, he acquired his mask from a deceased fellow assassin and joined up with a group of like-minded individuals, bouncing between assignments ever since. At the current moment, he is stalking the dusty crags of Stonetalon, misery and chaos incarnate.

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