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Elderhunter, she seems just a tad young to be a commander. Perhaps a few more years to age? Just so she has both seniority over most of the soldiers, and more experience? I know she's a Night Elf, but even that age is sorta young.

Silvy, accepted.

Roewn, accepted.

Okay, it looks like we have quite a few angels, but very few actual Soldiers...

If anyone has an alt they'd like to bring in as a regular soldier, please do!
I could bring in a soldier if you would really like me to(I'm a bit of an altoholic).
If you don't want to, it's not a must, but if you'd like to, then sure!
Ok sorry, I'm not familiar with ages, how about. . . let us say she's 50 in human years? And what is an Angel of Darkness, I have yet to know.
"Angel of Darkness". Someone hired or brought in or who came in of his own accord to sow as much chaos and death as possible, and especially to hunt down the Angels.

Lol, a few years, I said xD It's up to you, it was just a suggestion.
Ok, i'll change it to 35 let me know. . . and Angel of Darkness doesn't sound bad as a role. . .

And I only want 1 angel of Darkness per faction.
What faction is the current Angel of Darkness?
Elderhunter is my alt.
Elder, if you're confused about NE ages, here.

Now there is no estimate (or official chart that I've seen) that states how many elven years there might be in human years, specially not for WoW. Around 200 or so, a Kaldorei is still classified as a child, 300+ is a females right of passage, where they get their markings. To be old enough to be a general, I'd say your char would have to at least be around the age of 5000 years old, which means she would have to be born in say Ashenvale or Winterspring, etc, etc.

Teldrassil, as far as I'm aware, isn't even 300 years old...though I'll have to double check on that.
01/22/2013 05:35 PMPosted by Liå

Was grown after the battle of mount Hyjal.
01/22/2013 05:38 PMPosted by Lynara

Was grown after the battle of mount Hyjal.


So not even 15 years or somethin'...uuggh. Times
I had no idea! I am so so so so so sorry gosh I'm so confuzzled.
01/22/2013 05:41 PMPosted by Elderhunter
I had no idea! I am so so so so so sorry gosh I'm so confuzzled.

Meh, it happens, no worries :D
Here's a bit of advice, Elder. I am, compared to some people on this forum, a complete noob when it comes to WoW lore. But when I create a character of a certain race, I always make sure to go to that wowpedia page and read up on their major events.

This way, I can avoid making lore flubs in my character's timeline and backstory, and it can also inspire you to include certain events in your character's life. It's hard to create a backstory for a race that lives for so long, but brushing up on their lore can really help you out.
What faction is the current Angel of Darkness?
Elderhunter is my alt.


I'm going to bed now. Will check here tomorrow, and likely make the IC. Maybe xd

He's nominally Alliance. Really, he's more of a neutral, equal-opportunity killer. The Librarian's ultimate goal is an Alliance victory in the region, but only after a series of hard-fought battles that would grind both sides' armies in the area down to nothing. Which is what he's working towards.
I MIGHT sign up a normal soldier, though since I'm also playing Horde commander it would be awkward to also play a Horde soldier. And I'm reluctant to sign up an Alliance member since there are so many already. I hope we get another Horde character in here before the IC goes up. There are only three of us.
I think I'll sign up a regular soldier. Just not sure which character yet.
Sign-Up form:

Name: Nezza Kanessa

Race: Goblin

Faction: Horde

Class: Warlock

Age: Middle Adult (Think 26)

Physical Description: Nezza, for all practical purposes, is ugly. No one would know it, however, except perhaps maybe the fact that she only has half of her left ear, since it was burnt and mangled. Otherwise, she seems more like a small doll, due to her clothing options of baggy robes, and a hood with a menacing mask on the front ( Sanctified Dark Coven Hood ).

Her voice fluctates depending on paranormal factors, between high pitch and hyper, often speaking in quick paces, to dark and brooding...even growling at times...speaking much slower.

Despite this, there is an undeniable feeling of power emenating from the little being.

Role: Horde Soldier

Anything special: While she does not know who the angels are, exactly, after hearing a rumor, she looks to take their soul for her trophy collection...or even enslave them directly.

BRIEF history: Nezza is sort of an odd being. Born to two tinker parents, she had a hex placed on her since they neglected to pay their debts to the local voodoo lord. While they thought it was a hoax, they still were at unease around the child, and taught her to be a sapper. After all, if she blew herself up, she served a good cause and there was no more demonic child anymore...right?


The demonic energies infused in her refused to let her die. She survived 27 missions, and every time she blew up, her body was repieced together and fused back into one, as if she was more of a construct and less of a Goblin. Everytime she was reborn, she came back a bit more twisted. Sometimes she seemed possessed by a dark power...Other times she seemed obsessed with 'Burninating' and destruction...Likely due to her job as a Sapper.

One thing is certain.

Nezza is twisted, and seems to only serve the Horde as a means to her own end.
Ok thanks, and thanks for the advice, I'll do that now!

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