Shadowmaster Sydow

So, I've gotta ask - he's supposed to spawn around Whitepetal Lake in VoEB, but.. has anyone here actually seen this guy? I'm done with Golden Lotus, but I make a point to swing by the lake, to no avail.
he is part of daily quests there.It would be the second part for the dailies, they start after the first part at the same hub. Burn banners, kill mogu etc in the area.
Huh. Never, ever seen 'em.
I've done the quest maybe 3 times since xpac release, but have not done GL in about a month now.
Still no sign of Sydow, but if anyone needs Gaohun (he's also pretty elusive), he's up today.
Thanks to Wenll for spotting this guy (finally) and tossing me an invite.
been like 2mths of searching for this guy on scarlet crusade and no sign of him at all. guess hes hiding in the shadows fix this problem blizz i mean developing new content is great but fixing some of the old problems would be a benefit to those that are trying to get the achieve done. and there are quite a few people stopped riting in bug problems cause they never seem to get fixed when a problem is reported a week should be sufficent enough to repair it not 6 months
Suggestion - find friendly achievement hunters of the same faction on other realms, and befriend them. OpenRaid might be a good place to find 'em.

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