Paladin Dwarfs: Are we too short to see?

First off, I love paladins, and Dwarfs, so leveling a Dwarf was only right. Anyways, just wondered where the rest of my Dwarven Pally brethren are. Seriously I have seen maybe one or two on forums and on my server. Perhaps we are just to short to see on the forum?
We are legion.
would you like me to find you a box?
01/22/2013 07:22 AMPosted by Destin
would you like me to find you a box?

I am not short
I smell some nasty feet most of the times when tanking these mega huge bosses. Seriously guys, run your feet in the water every now and then.

Dwarves are by no means short. They're just busy in their mines.
You think dwarves are rare!

...we're just more firmly tied to the ground, while everyone else is stretched out and 2sec away from floating away into the sky, never to see the ground again.
ZOMGFEMDORF!! Screenshot it or no one will believe it!
they just need a mobile step-stool
or better yet they could use stilts like in that really bad cinderella movie
01/22/2013 04:22 PMPosted by Morwin
that really bad cinderella movie

Just GTFO right now.
They're too short to see the light.
We come in all flavors. SOME of us like in-game body images that are more closer to truth than... you know... anatomically impossible broken backs.


Also, I'll have you know, I am not too short. I am the perfect height. And I'll thank all you long-legged goons to get the hell out of my way before I kneecap you in the name of the light.
I honestly did not like Dwarf Paladins at all. Which is why I race changed to a Human just a few days ago. I thought Humans fit the role of a Paladin more better (such as Uther the Lightbringer, and Tirion Fordring)
Dwarves can be paladins? Since when?
Since Cataclysm. Lol.
There was actually gnome paladins in the vanilla wow beta. But they scrapped it cause the poor guys couldn't reach the light!

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