<Departed> Alliance Recruiting for 10m

We are in the process of transitioning into a 3 day raiding schedule and in doing so, we are recruiting for players who can and will commit to our schedule. Applicants should be geared and raid ready for our current progression level. We need the right people to push into heroic content, so if that is YOU, please visit our website listed below and drop an application.

Departed in Review
We are a small tight knit 10m guild that has been around since the launch of Vanilla. Illidan is where our guild originated from and we have survived 2 server xfers and numerous rebuilds and structure changes over the years. Our members spend a lot of time researching strats, optimizing our classes, playing games like LoL and D3, and generally have an alt or 2 to help support the guild so we are able to change the dynamics of our group based on encounters. We are a mature guild comprised of adults and most with families.

Previous Raiding
MoP: 16/16N, 2/6H-MSV
Cata: 1/5H BoT, 6/7H Firelands, 3/8H DS
WoTLK: 12/12H ICC
TBC: All content pre-nerf
Vanilla: MC, BWL, AQ10, AQ40 up to Emps

Tues 9-12
Thurs 9-12
Sun 9-12
*All times are Server and PM

Recruiting Needs
Currently open to all classes and roles.

Mumble & DBM/BW required.


Contact: Bawsed#1168
Bump. Special current need for high DPS Elemental Shaman, Affliction Lock, or Shadow Priest with healing offspec to complete core 10 man group.

Still in need of a PRO DPS Ele Shaman (with Resto OS), Afflic Lock, or Shadow Priest (with healing OS) for core 10 man group.

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