What do you think about Ashbringer.

I personally think that Ashbringer should return as a Minor Glyph for Paladins that makes your weapon look like Ashbringer since Minor Glyphs are for purely cosmetics. Any opinions?
Wouldnt that make the aesthetic of that one cooldown less cool?
@Wonder Considering the fact we can have it for 18 seconds every 2 minutes, no I would like it as a permanent weapon preferably.
01/22/2013 11:47 PMPosted by Lobster
Unless your name is Tirion Fordring it's not going to happen. Sorry to kill the dream lol.

Kill what dream... it was a suggestion not something I wish my !@# off for lol.
It's an iconic weapon in lore, not something every Paladin in the game should be able to wave about.

It would be akin to giving every Death Knight a Frostmourne.
01/23/2013 12:22 PMPosted by Cadenbrie
It would be akin to giving every Death Knight a Frostmourne.

If you look in the 5.2 patch notes I stated that Death Knights should get a minor glyph similar to ours but it would be Corrupted Ashbringer. I also stated that other classes should get there own glyph similar to ours. Your also talking about Blizzard Cadenbrie, they have changed a lot of thing that has gone against lore before, why would this stop them?
Would be cool, but then you'd see every pally running around with their "fake" ashbringer. If they somehow made it really really hard to get, but then who wants to do something incredibly hard just for a glyph? I'd rather do something hard like that and get a REAL weapon.

So what I'm saying is the difficulty they'd have to make it to get the glyph so everyone didn't have it just wouldn't be worth it anyway.
01/23/2013 12:43 AMPosted by Covahredro
Its an ugly weapon.
Make a higher resolution version, like the new Sulfuras.
Eh. I actually do like the weapon, but I'm not comfortable with having a perma-Ashbringer around all the time.

I did like this idea, though. I remember a friend and I were talking about how way back when in lore, Mograine the Ashbringer was so powerful that with one swath he could reduce a group of enemies into a pile of ash (hence the name). Something like this stuck with me:

Glyph of the Ashbringer - Killing blows caused by your special abilities cause your opponent to explode with the power of the Light, turning their corpses to ash. The spirit of the Ashbringer lingers with you for 3 sec. afterwards.

Basically, just chars enemy corpses black and gives you the Holy Avenger graphic for 3 seconds. Thought it'd be neat seeing that aspect of Paladins.
Ashbringer #1 Weapon EU. Heavily sought out weapon because you can't actually get it. If you added to the game for players to get it would take away cool points.
Holy Avenger.
What's the big deal with Ashbringer anyway? I always thought that sword looked like crap.
01/24/2013 10:49 PMPosted by Serovin
What's the big deal with Ashbringer anyway? I always thought that sword looked like crap.

Time to turn in your Paladin Card.
They should just make a new Legendary weapon that sort of resembles it. I thought it was a available as some kind of hierloom anyways?
The Ashbringer...

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