[H] Involution 14/16, 4/12 LF Tank/DPS

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Sill looking for another ranged dps for ToT progression!
Updated progression! Jin'rokh dead, more to come Wednesday!
Still looking for 1-2 ranged dps! come raid with us! =)
More ToT progression this week! Could use 1 or 2 more ranged dps!
Looking for 2 ranged dps for main raid spots in our 10 man
Moo bump.
Raid tomorrow! Still looking for 1-2 more ranged DPS!
Need 2 ranged dps to fill out core 10 man spots
Looking for another ranged dps still! Come raid with us!
Looking for 1-2 more ranged DPS!
Make it 2 ranged dps and / or good players
We only raid 2 days (total of 7 hours) a week! If you're looking for a raid guild to start seeing normal content, don't miss out!

We're still in need of 1-2 more ranged dps for core spots! However, we can make other classes/roles work as well if you're eager to raid!
Still looking for DPS apps to be part of our team
DPS still needed
Still looking for 1-2 players to round out our core. Preferably ranged dps!
Look for ranged DPS! Come have some fun & kill crap!
Still looking for ranged DPS!
Looking for ranged DPS! Come check us out!
Still looking for some great new players! Contact us today!

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