[H] Involution 14/16, 4/12 LF Tank/DPS

I can haz ranged DPS?
good people bump
Updated our current raid times and added our NEW guild site! Come check us out!

Don't spend 3 days/12 hours a week raiding! Come join us and get it done in half of the time!
Good bunch, and we supply cake or pie...
Updated recruitment needs!
Updated progression/recruitment needs!
patch day bump! Still looking for 1 tank (paladin, DK, or Druid) and 1 frost DK.
Maintenance extended until 3! Come check us out in the mean time!
Still looking for more! Raid tomorrow!
Raid tonight, still looking for another tank and Frost DK dps!
Looking for a Frost DK Dps and Possibly a hunter! Come check us out!
Where are you frost DKs!?
Looking for a frost DK and Hunter!
Still looking for 2 dps and 1 tank!
Still looking for more DPS and a tank! Come check us out! Involution-of-thrall.org
Raid tonight! Still in need of a hunter, Frost DK and another tank!!
MMM Pie!!
In need of non warrior tank, frost dk, hunter, Check our our site and drop us an app. Always looking and accepting apps for exceptional players that want to raid 2 nights a week.
Updated recruitment needs on website but for all of u. We are still looking for non-warrior tank and frost dk.

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