01/27/2013 03:00 AMPosted by Covahredro
Please don't post "1shot macros" like they actually achieve something other than making the user bad.

How do they make them bad, ppl with much greater skill use them. No macro's don't make bad players, more often than not they help them.

Well, I do agree that macros are helpful and are a huge convenience when you use em right (personally, I do have a macro that's tied to Avenging Wrath and my trinket, as well as an alt modifier to activate Holy Avenger with the same keybind).

My issue with the guy's macro is that I'd never want to tie my cooldown to an ability, when circumstances can change especially in PvP (like you've capped Holy Power and you NEED TO KILL THIS ENEMY NOW and Templar's Verdict would be more appropriate, for example, than Hammer of Wrath).

I think what Lobster was getting at was that there's good macros that help you become more efficient, and there's lazy ones that basically devalue skill, and also run the risk of getting easily countered due to bad usage of it.
Posted by Jackishi
and there's lazy ones that basically devalue skill

That's the player not the macro.

...Which is my point, except that still doesn't take away the fact that a lazy player writes bad, lazy macros.

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