<We Go Outside> recruiting 1 rdps for core

We are new to Thrall and are wanting to fill our core raid roster. We are currently looking for 1 ranged dpsl. Need to be atleast ilvl 475. Our proggression is 6/6 msv 2/6 hof 1/4 terrace and we raid tues/wed/thurs 9pm - 12pm est. If you need to contact me ingame my battletag is Warscream#1396 and the other recruitment officers is Moosh#1801.
not anymore.
still looking for tank, healer and rdps
still looking for tank, healer and rdps. will consider any classes. :)
LF range dps contact me ingame (Moosh#1801) or here
warscream#1396 is my btag contact me with and questions or Oosh^^^^
still looking for tank, healer and rdps.
LF healer and rdps.
still looking for rdps and a healer
Looking for Rdps
Need a healer! then we have a full group!
still looking for a healer :)
still looking for healer, possilby a rdps
still in need of a healer
still need a rdruid or resto sham
still looking for our last healer, resto druid, MW, or resto sham.
Its a really fun group, we love to joke around and have fun, but at the same time we take raiding seriously. Looking forward to hearing from some healers.
1 spot open, need a ranged dps, pref ele shaman, spriest, boomkin, or hunter. add me for more details or if your interested. - warscream#1396

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