Killing my ret

My first time writing on the forums ever since I've started playing WoW and it is the first time I feel its necessary. Excuse my writing but english isn't my main language. Also, little wall of text, bear with me ><

I've played a paladin since BC a little before Wrath and I knew they were horrible but I wanted to tank, it was boring as a ret, judgment, crusader was pretty much it. Then Wrath came out and it was by far the most fun I had playing Ret so I stayed Ret. I raided ret in 10-25s and was nearly always at the top. The rotation was fun, the spec was fun and had its little niches(if that makes sense). Then Cata came out and well I had to stop raiding due to IRL issues. I still played and it was fun even though Divine Storm had now changed and there was Holy Power and all those changes. It wasn't that bad. Now comes MoP. The fun has disappeared almost entirely from my spec and its usefulness as well. I can't raid because everyone's like this "ret sux, gotta have leet gear, go prot". I tried Prot and I just couldn't stand it. I want to play as Ret but raiding as Ret almost seems impossible. The DPS is horrible unless using all of available DPS cooldowns. The burst at the start is horrible and to be honest, the spec is plain boring. I want to keep playing my character with the spec I love but I'm just about ready to sit him and make him benchwarm for the expansion and possibly forever if it stays this way.

PS: I'm not going holy :P
I tought ret was doing fine in pve DPS wise, thats weird, any how I dont think ret changed that dramatically from cata to mop, and changes were for the better in my opinion, holy power generation is one of those quality of life changes, for me ret is still fun as hell.

It is just my opinion I also started playing at BC and it really took me time to level my ret since it was boring as hell, in wrath they got better, but they were overpowered as hell at the start, literally you could just made a 1 button macro, sma!@#$ and destroy everything, I remember I saw a very funny video if I find it I will post it for you :P

I miss the older version of divine storm, at the moment is ok, but kind of anoying that dks can spam howling blast at their hearts content and we have to build up holy power to use our aoe damage but it is not a major problem.

I think ret is on a very decent spot at the moment, you have decent gear dunno why ppl are being such D bags teling you that ret sux.

English is not my native lenguage either so disregard my dire mistakes :P
Oh I know they were overpowered, I meant a little ways in through Ulduar and ICC it was fun! Holy Power was confusing at first but it is a good change. I must say i miss Seal of Blood, it was funny killing myself with all cds popped :P. There is just something missing, something wrong making it feel boring. I'm trying out something right now to see if my damage as gone up but yet to find a raid. All i can do is LFR -___-
If you think Ret's damage is terrible (with or without cooldowns) and that things were better in Cata, you're simply out of your mind. Frankly, in inspecting your character, it seems very much like an "L2P" issue; your gemming is atrocious, two of your enchants are wrong, and you're even missing an enchant. Not that fixing those thins is going to magically repair your perceptions of the spec, but it certainly suggests a lack of insight and knowledge of the changes that have occurred.

I recently just began raiding again and, as a well-geared LFR Hero, I was able to keep up with the normal geared raiders - beating most of them with ease, actually, including a Mage. We're a burst spec and if you're not managing it right, the damage will seem lacking. If you mismanage your rotation outside of CDs, your damage will suffer. If you don't take advantage of certain gimmicks in certain fights (no matter how loudly some people may yell at you over Vent - DubJep on Protectors FTW), your damage will suffer. Last night I ran an heroic and didn't blow CDs until end boss; sustained about 45~50k on all early bosses, while the mage and rogues were doing closer to 60k, and I was effortlessly crapping 90k on AoE trash - got to end boss, mage Warped, and the boss melted under my 130k.

In my opinion, this is the best that Ret has been since BC and I'm loving it more than ever. The rotation is far more interesting and predictable than Wrath, more fluid and fast-paced than Cata, yet more active and engaging than BC.

If you would like help in acclimating to the new Ret paradigm, myself and others would be more than happy to help, but it's gotta be up to you to want to better yourself at the spec.
I'm certainly open to help. I know my gemming is terrible, I'm currently working on regemming and enchanting, I just lack the time to do so. I do pull about 50-60k on normal but I can't seem to follow the others...I'm always last, obviously tanks are below me depending on fights. On trash i do fine. I just think it's bull that DKs can pop howling blast out of their !@# but I can't divine storm unless I have 3 HP. Any comments and help would be helpful! Maybe my lack of raiding in Cata killed what I knew.
For AoE, you really need to swap to HotR and DS at two targets. Glyph of Mass Exorcism is also amazing for AoE - sure, you lose the range on it, but if you're expecting heavy AoE, the range is gonna be useless, anyway. I agree that not having a spammable, untargeted AoE is a problem (FU, Lei Shi! >_<), but it's more a mechanical issue than a numerical one.

How're you handling Inquisition? That's usually a prime culprit of bad output, if you're not keeping it up as well as you should. CLCRet is a decent addon to help with that.
I'm pretty good at keeping Inquisition up. I tend to forget however on heavy movement fights like Stone Guards. But it's up about 90% of the time at least. I just made a few changes, I'll have to test it all out sometime next week!
Cant, say much about dps since for mop i decided to go holy for pve and ret for pvp, on cata was the other way around and I wanted to change it a bit :P, but could it be that the thing you feel is missing doesnt have to do with ret class and more with the content you are playing? I myself cant stand LFR anymore, it is just boring as hell, as a heler you need to be a bit more on your toes since usually just 2 or 3 ppl are healing, but as a dps it just feels like punching a target dummy with a bazillion health :S not fun for me.

Pvp eventough blizzard always struggles to balance it, is the only thing I am enjoying at the moment, I am not really a fan of the daylies (just thinking on them makes me want to puke) and LFR it was good and I had some fun the first times I run it but the really tiny chance on getting loot was not enogh incentive for me to keep queueing it just felt like a chore, not worth it for the damn bag with gold, it lways felt like a kick in the nuts :S
I feel like ret is doing fine in pve right now, but it's designed around the average dps between burst (which can be upward of 275k), rather than holding a steady, solid line of dps.

That's a pretty big change from Wrath, and takes some getting used to (Wrath had some bursty, but the -main- thing at the ICC point in Wrath was holding steady dps...).

I also feel like, anyone saying, "NO, DON'T GO RET, GO PROT OR TAKE SOME OTHER MELEE CLASS TO DPS WITH" is kinda full of crap. Unless you're involved in a world class guild, who cares if your dps is 1k lower or higher than the rest of the dps in the chart? Take what makes you happy to a raid. Don't corner yourself into playing a class/spec because you feel like you have to. This is a game. Not work.

Maybe you just need to find new friends to hang out with ...
Down load Power Auras, it's really quite easy to setup and can provide text, visual and timer warnings for things like Inquisition.

Ret for Pve is currently the best design iteration ever in my opinion. The ability to change from a good single target build to a good aoe build through talents and glyphs is a great improvement.

Dps wise if you look on Simcraft we're in the bottom 5 specs for normal and hardmode gear for Patchwerk style fights so take that however you will. Personally I raid tens and find I'm competitive in most situations and enjoy the raid utility of multiple hands aura mastery and 3 different run speed options.

Also Aghnayator I see you're divine purpose, it of the 3 talents runs about 3-4k dps lower than SW or HA.
Yes perhaps I do. I want to keep playing the way I am right now, its the spec I leveled with and the class I enjoy playing the most on my free time other than leveling alts, raiding and other such things. Also Val, I am currently trying Divine Purpose out of curiousity, people keep telling its so awesome. But it does not proc that much, its actually not that great if RNG screws me over so I will most likely go back to HA. I want my 4piece to go to SW so for now i will most likely go back to HA and compare with other fights I have logged and screenshotted. Thank you all for your advice, gives me hope in humanity and in my own class hearing this from you all!
Good rotation is the key, srsly im still with blues item and i can top5 Reccount in LFR with 60-70k dps, my main is a ret, and will stay a ret.

Know your rotation

It should be enough to impress alot of ppl.

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