Prot Nerf Coming Affecting Haste/Shield

I like Prot Paladins are they are right nor more than at any other time in WoW.

If they nerf haste for prot then they better reduce the base cooldown of either CS or Judgement or both because the way the rotation feels without haste is terrible. So much so that it would make me long for 6-9-6
Anyone at a high enough level knows that Prot Pallies are bar none the strongest tank at the moment.

We have the most utility, crazy raid healing, and amazing survivability.

Even if they did nerf SoTR a bit, that just makes Mastery more important. Seeing as how we are on Active mitigation, Dodge and Parry can never be primary survivability.

If they want to focus more on Dodge and Parry then we are now going retroactive back into Cata tanking, and to do that they would have to reverse how everyone tanks.

3 words, not gunna happen.

Bring on the SoTR nerf, i'll just get more mastery, k thx bye.
Well that's a shame. Haste being a factor certainly made paladin tanking interesting.

Ah well, just gotta simply reforge and move on.
Figures something unique gets stomped into the ground.

Back to mastery stacking.
I'm not seeing "we're gonna nerf Prot" in the quote, just "we're gonna change Prot so it actually wears tank gear".

...still, I'll miss haste tanking. Being able to hand-me-down replaced Ret gear to my Prot set was convenient.
Wearing "Tanking Gear" means Mastery and Avoidance. Which dare I say it....bringing CTC Caps back?

I would think not as you can't really single out pallies to be the only ones doing it.

I think a small nerf to SoTR would be okay, we can still have an ample amount of haste, and just stack more mastery.

I see no real problems here if that's what they change.
With the way block works now, CTC capping literally cannot come back, unless you a) get enough avoidance to be melee-immune or b) get 104.5% block, either of which seems implausible.

A nerf to SotR's base mitigation might be all it takes, although personally I'd like to see dodge/parry actually DO something for Prot rather than just nerf Haste until it's not better. A brief haste buff upon avoiding an attack, for example.
Oh, wow. I just knew they were going to do something about us being able to tank in ret gear. Lame change, imo.
I'm somewhat curious how they're going to nerf SotR without also nerfing mastery.
01/25/2013 12:23 PMPosted by Snozberries
I'm somewhat curious how they're going to nerf SotR without also nerfing mastery. nerf the damage reduction from SoTR. Which will force us to get more mastery and less haste to make up for the loss.
Specifically, nerfing the *base* damage reduction from SotR, but not the Mastery-based scaling of it, would make Haste-stacking less favorable (eg: 10% + mastery instead of 20% + mastery). But it seems like that would probably just make us switch to Mastery builds with Haste second; they'd probably have to change something else to make us actually stop using haste gear.
Good. Good good good.

I hate hate hate ret, but I had to ret to get tanking gear in LFR. I might resub if I can actually tank again.
I've tried the mastery build, and to be honest it just feels to slow and sluggish compared to the haste build and there are parts where i don't have anything to do because everything is on CD :(

if they want to nerf haste that's fine, but bump CS and HoTR back down to 3 seconds

Also the amount of damage reduction per point of mastery does not seem interesting to me at all.
A large part of the problem is that dodge and parry are just pretty lame stats. They're complete avoidance, not mitigation, and they are completely beyond the player's control. And for Paladins, they don't even have any special synergy for any of our abilities.
They could make Sanctity of Battle a ret talent only like it used to be. Then haste is dead. They are saying they don't want to kill haste though so in theory that's not going to happen.

The only way I could see them make dodge/parry more valuable than haste without killing haste is make a passive prot proc like:
Chance to gain 1 Holy Power #% after successfully dodging or parrying an attack.
Chance to block increased by #% after successfully dodging or parrying an attack.
The idea here is that they don't like our dismissal of Parry/Dodge as being "bad" stats for a tank. They are the traditional tank stats and we should like them. It seems like a quaint notion to me, that they feel we're snubbing poor Parry and Dodge and choosing them last for the mitigation baseball team.

That, coupled with our spec increasing competition for traditional DPS gear. Our Retribution brothers and sisters don't wanna hear none of that. Same with DKs and Warriors. It's like we showed up on a rival gang's turf. I'd be more than happy to settle the matter with a carefully choreographed dance battle, West Side Story style. Blizz has other ideas, though.

It bothers me that the first words out of their mouths were "nerf ShoR" to make haste less appealing. "We'll still keep in viable! Just...not to the point where you actually WANT it" seems to be where their minds are going.

I say fine, nerf haste, but make Dodge/Parry have some sort of synergy with SoB so that they effectively make up the difference. We still get fast paced tanking, but Dodge and Parry play a role in that somehow. The only problem with that is that Dodge and Parry are inherently unreliable stats. They're quite literally "hit or miss," which is what I hate about them. Find some way to make them synergize with SoB that doesn't involve avoidance proccing something. You hyped up Active Mitigation coming into this expac, see it through! I don't want to go back to passive mitigation and avoidance. Tradition be damned.
01/25/2013 07:07 PMPosted by Leucen
I say fine, nerf haste, but make Dodge/Parry have some sort of synergy with SoB so that they effectively make up the difference

I'm really hoping they do something like this, so that while Haste is nice, Dodge/Parry end up having a tangible benefit (perhaps increasing our haste by a certain percent when we successfully avoid an attack for a certain duration?)

By the way, poor GC's already regretting putting that thought process out there, and it's not hard to see why, given how people are jumping down his throat for what's, at the moment, just a thought in the wind. Double edged sword really, either he forewarns us and pisses people off with mere suggestions, or else these suggestions turn into changes and the community complains there was no warning given.

Personally, gonna withhold judgment until I see something more concrete. Useless worrying's not going to make much of a difference in the long run.
We don't even know yet if this will end up being a nerf. There's no reason it has to be; they're pointing it out as undesirable behavior, not as something overpowered.

...and uh, Core Hounds aren't a DPS check. They just rez each other, so you have to kill them all at about the same time.

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