Prot Nerf Coming Affecting Haste/Shield

Wait, so despite the fact I don't have the !@#$ing DPS to down the core hounds before Magmadar in MC, the %^-*!@#$% at blizzard think we need a nerf?

No wonder they people stopped playing tanks. They !@#$ing suck.

They think we need an adjustment, not a nerf.

Also, seriously, it's enough that your terrible experience at being terrible was confined to that one thread you made, did you have to extend it here? Stop it. :/
To be honest, I had a feeling the fun wouldn't last for long, but I think the changes will hopefully not be godawful. Mastery build is still good in its own right, for example, but I can definitely see why they want Dodge and Parry to have (some) sentimental value added back to it. Some of their reasoning is a little whack, though - why would you take Ret 2 pc over Prot's 2 pc when you get a 2 Min Ardent Defender out of it, too?
01/26/2013 01:06 AMPosted by Bassm
Some of their reasoning is a little whack, though - why would you take Ret 2 pc over Prot's 2 pc when you get a 2 Min Ardent Defender out of it, too?

I think he was more inferring that Paladins were looking at the itemization of the Ret stuff (especially the shoulders) and thinking it was a lot better than having to sacrifice stats for set bonuses.

Which I found a little whack as well, though then again, it's not our fault Prot's tier pieces have some meh itemization.
As a semi-casual "weekend warrior" player, this infuriate me a bit.

I really love haste on all characters, as it ups the speed of the gameplay and makes it more interesting. Seeing I'd be able to do that as a tank made me REALLY excited.

So, after several months of due diligence of leveling, scraping and saving up oh-so-precious valor points to buy my first few vendor unlocked haste plate (as it is very efficient to farm for pieces that work in both specs), now I see that they might undo all my work?!

THAT would make me walk away from my paladin, as ret alone is not a compelling enough spec to fall back on and I am not interested in raiding as only as a DPS, where my gear is high enough.

This means I'll have to regain all that valor back, just to be at an ilvl equal to where I am now to continue progression of my character. That thought alone is soul crushing, because I ALSO know that by the time I'm back to that point, there will be the "new hotness" gear out that I would've already been working on, rather than "working up to" to get, weeks behind everyone else.

Gosh darn it. I am upset. I've been giving Blizzard my money to play this game for 6 years now.

edit: there is no "g" in "continue"
I have a 90 palie tank, haste is fun, haven't really had a fun stat before
I would like to see mastery adding to dodge parry for all tanks and just dump dodge parry off gear.
Its been nerfed so much no one wants it,at least you feel like you have improved when your block goes up with a epic piece of gear that has mastery on it, as apposed to the zip you get when you get a dodge parry item and some dodge parry is all wow wants tanks to have so have a small % go to it from mastery and it be fine.

btw dps to say haste gear thats not tank gear, look at bear tanks and brewmaster gear
rouges have been shafted on that forever lets share the love to dks and war, payback for them blowing cds on a trash pull to put up big numbers before they spalt and yell, HEY TANK AGRO
ret blows,its been cool for about a day every so often whey they give out the new talents,and forget holy damage isnt mig. by armor and nerf it. crusader strike, divine storm,not sure if they fixed it for templar's verdict.
it was to easy but blew for dps then they made it way to hard for melee class and now it blews all around.

ehhh dont tell me raid geared guys do good damage getting there is for people that like pain and = geared hunter would still be a ton better
This thread that you necroed from over a month ago has a lot of outdated information in it. Haste is not suddenly terrible for prot paladins. The change makes avoidance suck a bit less now, but that doesn't mean haste is now worse than avoidance. I'm also not sure why you are rambling about ret. This topic died over a month ago, and even then it wasn't about ret.

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