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I'm sorry to say I'm getting real sick of this. For weeks now, any time I try to post I get a 500 Internal Server Error. I believe the last time I was actually able to post anything was on Tuesday.

The problem seems to be related to your site vs. Google Chrome. I'm posting this on Enternet Explorer, since it seems to the only browser currently supported by battle.net.
I'm having the same problem. Earlier tonight, I tried to post on my 3rd gen iPad, and I kept getting this problem, but when I post on my iPod touch 4th gen, it works fine?
I made a thread about it a month ago.

Didn't get a single reply.
I hate having to switch to IE to participate on my realms community
Well, back on Internet Explorer again. Problem went away for a couple days but it's back. Haven't been able to post in a couple days now. What's also just super fun is when I get error now I can't get away from the page. The back button doesn't work. I'm stuck on the 500 error until I type in a new address or right click the back button and pick a previous page.

I'd be willing to consider it being a issue with Chrome if I was having the problem anywhere else on the internet. But, I'm not. It has to be a problem with this site.

Look, I know your job is not easy. And, I honestly do appreciate the work you put into this site. On the other hand, I am paying to use these forums and I currently can't. That's very frustrating.
Internal Server Error

"An error occured. Please try again later."


Is there any chance of this ever being fixed? Or, sould I just get used to using Explorer for the WoW forums and my prefered browser for the rest of the internet? Sorry to sound snarky but this is getting pretty rediculous.

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