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I know theres limitations to mailing hierlooms, but are ther limits to what can be done with account wide quests?

Could repeatable quests that are account bound similar to the pet battle quests be created to effectivly transfer hierloom items from one server to another?

It would be a fairly simple quest, it requires "Hierloom Item A" and when turned in rewards "Hierloom Item A".

Possible problems with 2 different ways to handle the quest. One the quest removes the item from one characthers bag, for some reason the quest gets removed from the quest log, whether it's a bug or the player just deletes the quest, now the item is gone and the player is upset. Two the quest leaves the original item in the characthers bag, and creates a new item when the quest is turned in. I think the second option would be better as it would likely eliminate many tickets that would be put in for lost items. Though option two is also open to a little bit of abuse, a player could effectivly make infinite copies of any hierloom. I don't know if hierlooms can be vendored or disenchanted ( I don't think either, but not sure), though if they can, make them unsellable and unable to be disenchanted. Another possible abuse is that a player could get 2 weapons (main hand off hand) for the price of 1 weapon, or two trinkets, 2 rings, etc. While this changes some of the inital balance in pricing of items that the developers worked out, I think the benefits of happy custumers with cross realm hierlooms would out weight the difference of a few thousand Justice Points.

Anyone see any other potential ways that this could be abused, or are there technical limitations that would prevent this from working, or just game balance ideals that would prevent it from being implemented?
Honestly there is probably an easier way to do it. but Blizz wants you to spend money on a server xfer. How might you ask?

Whenever I made a new toon, I would always get a warbot, a mount, an ony whelp, a penguin, and some polar bear in my inbox. Did not matter what server, or what faction, they were always there. I dont see how much harder it would be to code that to happen with heirlooms.

But whatevs, im not a programmer and I just bit the bullet and spent 25 bucks xfering all my heirlooms.

INB4 dead horse being kicked.
their is no limit.

they just want you to pay for transfer.
Much easier thing to do would have been like they did with the old mounts and pets. Just have them spawn in your bag based on what you own and the class you created. That way it actually is account bound instead of server bound.

Transfers aren't about the money, for some people they could charge 50$ and they would get one without question. Paying for it is all about deterring bad behavior and letting people server hop to grief others etc. And don't say that wouldn't happen. It does and it's even easier to hide who you are with the naming policy on transfers. You get a free name change almost every time.
I like the idea of a " bank" that you access through the website, which holds ALL of your bind to acct gear, which you then distribute through an interface similar to how they do the paid services like name/realmchange or the item restore. Should already be some kind of architecture in place so they wouldn't be writing too much extra code to implement it
When you buy heirlooms you buy one piece of gear. Not an unlimited use coupon to have as many copies of the BoA gear on as many alts as you want. Thats why i don't think they want to have BoA gear go the same route as the pets or mounts that get mailed to you as soon as you create a new character.

I believe the best solution is either a small cross realm bank where you can deposit one item and then retrieve it on an alt, some sort of system to allow BoAs cross realm mailing, or some other system no one has suggested before. The BoAs getting mailed to ever new alt thing i think is just a bad idea.
The devs have said they dont want convoluted workarounds trying to get this done. They want to do it but they want to make sure its done right. Currently there are some technical limitations to the way they want to do it. Just have to wait.
Would love an account bound bank for all those "fun" items, heirlooms, and junk.
I miss the old days when it was capped at 60! and there was no such thing as heirloom! or riding cap at lvl40 but now at lvl20! Blizz will runs out of ideas to ruin the game! i have a couple days left due to im quiting the game! but hey all of you complain about the game so much and yet your still playing it!
And the gear nowadays are cool looking but the story is retarded! This game should be called something else! this isnt warcraft!
You know for a paladin, you sure perform some dark arts.
Locking the necro. Please check the date of the thread before adding to it, folks.


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