Rogues and class help (Lore)

Why are there so many Rogues in here?

Also I am struggling between rolling a warrior and a paladin. It doesn't matter to me which is more powerful at the moment but I am deciding based on the lore. For warriors i like the whole idea that they they are this badass incarnate bearded dude but I also love the healing aspect of Pallies. According to lore would a pally be just as adept with a sword as a warrior but just fighting for different reasons? The thing is, I am afraid a pally would not feel bad !@# enough.

*Sorry for an spelling etc As I am typing this in a hurry
Well if your going based on lore then a Paladin is someone who is just as capable with a sword but at a young age was touched by the light. Then brought up not only training heavily in the art of war but also in the light. I mean Anduin Lothar was like the savior of the people of the alliance and was a total bada$$.

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