491 Resto shamy LF late night

hello, looking to xfer here. my current guild has broken up and looking to get back into raiding. I'm free 930PM-2AM PST. I'm curently 3/16 H exp and 16/16 reg exp, ranked on a few fights. Can link logs. I can play ele too, but prefer to heal. To talk to me for any other info reply ohere or add my battle tag (bear#1286) thanks for taking your time and reading this
Hey there. We're a 10man guild expanding into 25. Our 10man is 9/16 normal + 1/6 heroic at the moment, and our raiding times are 10pm-2am PST (tue/wed/thu). If this sounds interesting - with the understanding that our progression is below yours - let me know, and we can continue this conversation.
Hello, we'd certainly be interested. Currently 4/16 H and could use another solid healer/dps. I'm not sure if our times would work though, as I don't know how flexible the times you listed were. We typically raid 8-11 server time which would be 7-10 PST. Might be too early for you, but if it's not or you think you could work it out, let me, Slb, or Papipark in-game know, or you can post on the <Contention> thread here on the KT forums. Have a good day!
Requiem of the Fallen (6/6 MSV) (4/6 HoF) (3/4 ToES) is looking to recruit a healer for our 10m core. This is probably way out of your time range, but our current raid time is Tues/Wed 9PM EST.

If you're interested, you can either reply here or whisper me in game.
Battletag: EnigmaVortex#1712

If I'm not online, you can try to whisper our raid leader, Dromio, or send me mail in-game.
Feel free to add Dromio on Real ID: drewamongthefence@gmail.com or Battletag: Endorphins#1445
I'm the raid leader of a fun competitive raiding guild with a core of smart players who learn bosses after a few wipes. We have had issues getting or keeping a solid core due to personal issues with heals or offtank quitting the game or not being able to play as much. We are rebuilding our core and need one off tank and healers, some with dps offspecs. We raid two nights a week between 8-12 EST and we kill new bosses every week. I have 16/16exp and clear normal content on 2-3 characters a week. Looking for reliable players who challenge themselves to improve, study fights, and enjoy adding to a friendly raiding environment. Our philosophy is that players should do their work outside of raids to learn fights, gear themselves, and improve their performance. Our hope is to find players who care to do this themselves without anyone pushing them to do it. We are 3/4 Toes 4/6 HoF and looking to wrap up normal and work on some heroics before 5.2 hits. We hope you consider us as a new home! My battletag is Endorphins#1445 and my real ID is drewamongthefence@gmail.com

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