Been a while.

So I have a few concerns and alot of them have been brought up in previous posts, but I feel the need to address them as well.

My pally was my first max level toon. I reached 80 right at the time ICC was released. During WotLK I played my pally exclusively for PVP and PVE and dabbled with a lock and DK but they weren't as fulfilling as playing a triple role hybrid class. I always felt that pally's were a very cool class and a hero class to themselves.

Concerning PVP in wrath, I enjoyed it greatly. I didnt' feel as if i were running through people and that our CD's were impressive along with our utility with hand of freedom and BOP. Though I ran holy mostly in PVP I did run ret when i wanted to mix it up. we were lacking in certain areas even then but it wasn't as apparent as it is now.

When Cata was released I leveled up quite a few more toons, and was maining a rogue because of the amount of control rogues wield. Since then i've max leveled every class but shaman and priest. But i always wanted to come back to the pally. Now that I have I feel very disadvantaged to be completely honest.

With out getting into any type of QQ or FotM arguements I would just like to discuss the sense of lacking i feel as a pally at this point. Off heals are almost non existent this was the staple of playing a hybrid class during wrath. Inquisition, our lack of CC, and few CC breakers are my main gripes.

I would never want the pally to play like another class. If it was up to me CC in the game would be cut in half like was mentioned in another post I read. But as this doesn't look to be happening i feel with ret pally's it is difficult to stay on target through fears which in a BG or arena setting feel endless.

Inquisition imo is an awful design all around. I feel constantly hounded to waist HP on keeping up this very necessary buff. I know pally's have changed greatly since my time of playing mine during wrath, but the HP system and inquisition feel very foreign and strange on a pally, and I feel as through homogenization we have become "middle of the road hybrids" whose only PVP viability is through holy.

After perusing the other class forums I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of complaining and whining about the paladin class in our forums. This is great and I feel comfortable enough to post on an 85 with no high ranking arena, or current raiding achieves to post my concerns.

From what I see there are a great group of paladins here and though I don't currently play on the PTR, I do occasionally read through their forums, and I've noticed a lack of Paladin posts. To those of you who are well spoken and understand the complexities of the game and the class, I'd urge you to play and/or post on the PTR. I think paladin voices should be heard, and the class should be reassessed and hopefully brought back to it former glory.

Thanks for reading appreciate all of you who read.

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