A <The Evolved> Looking to add to 25m teams

<The Evolved> is a level 25 guild that has been playing together for over 2 years, some over 4. We are a mature group of individuals who like to have fun and still progress at a decent pace. With a very large casual base (approximately 75 players, 700+ toons) we are very active with mains, alts etc. I can not quite yet confirm, but we are probably one of the most active guilds on server. Peak times with 30-40 players online every night, and most people are active doing something together, not just soloing content.

I believe that you get out of something that which you put in. Most of our members are not shy about asking or assisting people in dungeon runs, LFR, Old achievments, PvP, craftables, etc. Never will you be alone when online, we have people from all time zones including a few Aussies that are online way after most Americans have gone to bed. As well as a few early risers.

Our raiding enviornment is postive, and lighthearted. No rage, no yelling, but we do ask for people to be prepared and be able to take constructive criticism from some of the more seasoned raiders.

We have all levels of skilled raiders, from new to raiding, to some that have been in hardcore top 10 guilds. All are welcome as long as you contribute positively to the guild

Progression team (25m) : 3/16Heroic Tier 14, 8/13 ToT Raid Time: Tuesday/Sun 8pm Required for this team is 16/16 tier 14 xp. and 510 min ilvel. Must do competetive DPS and HPS, and have great raid awareness. Currently looking for reserves only.

2nd Progression team (25m): 16/16N Tier 14 2/16 ToT Raid time Wednesday 8pm Looking for regular players 3-4 heals, 6-7 DPS. 500 ilvel required

3rd progression team (10m): Saturday 7pm 16/16 tier 14 Looking for regular people tank, heals, dps for a new weekend raid team. MV, completion a must

Starting an RBG team on Thursday nights and looking for a few good dedicated PvP'ers

We are in open recruitment, and have recently absorbed a couple of groups that are looking to come together and form at least one more 10m run on the weekends. Probably Fri/Sat nights.

Guild provides food, flasks, gems, enchants, and pots.

Contact anyone in game for an invite, or Falconius, Lyzha, Tersican, Pocahontus, Pamares, Firecracker, or Amulet for any questions.
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Recently joined and this by far has been the most enteraining guild I've been in for awhile. Members have a great sense of humor.

Another thing I've noticed is that People are always included in guild activities. Even if you aren't pimped out in gear or a bit behind you are treated well. (Not always the case for gnomes though)

Overall pretty damn good guild.. interactive officers and solid leadership.

Just my two cents.. peace!
Thanks for the vote of confidence :)
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Are you guys recruiting casuals/reserve players? I'm thinking of transferring my main and an alt to this server (505 boomy/resto OS, and a 490 prot warrior), and will be looking for a new guild. Unfortunately my schedule doesn't allow me to ever guarantee I'll be on any given day (work/fiance/social life), so I can't commit to being a core raider, but I'm usually up to jump in to any raid that needs whatever role. I'm most likely to be on weekday afternoons or later on some weekends. 6/6 MSV, 2/6 HoF, 1/13 ToT experience on the boomy/resto. LFR only on the warrior (so far!). I also enjoy the occasional bg/rbg/arena, world bosses, and anything else that seems like it might be fun.

Biggest thing I'm looking for is an active guild of fun, mature people.
we are a very active guild. one of our officers or senior members is always on. Falconius#1299
You mean Batting never sleeps.. so he's always on. < ----------- cough*

Update though... Wed Group now downed Jin Rohk in ToT... so 1/12 for them.

Ok ok.... sheesh :)
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