Major Glyph Divine shield Idea

Give pally a glyph similar to dk's icebound, that reduce divine shield's cooldown to 2 mins and have it last for only 2-3 secs. This way pally will have something to save them from constantly staying in cc.

Or does this sound too OP?
I get the idea. It'd be something you want to use more defensively, aggressively (if that makes sense), in that you break out of bad stuff more often but you're only protected for a good 3 seconds before all hell breaks loose.

If anything, I'd actually *love* the idea - in both Prot and Ret specs, I take advantage of a /cancelaura macro for OHSHI moments, like to clear a bad stack while tanking or bubbling off some DoTs/snares to get to my target before cancelling the bubble and subsequently the damage debuff before going to town on them.
would be really OP imo to have it with Unbreakable Spirit. Maybe not PVP wise but pve wise i already end with a Divine Shield with around 1m30-2min cd instead of 5, imagine the results with that glyph.

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