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Trying to clear up some extras and maybe get a few I'm still missing in the process.

What I have extras of to trade:

Purple Puffer
Toxic Wasteling (x2)
Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling (breed 5 - rare)
Father Winter's Helper (rare)
Winter's Little Helper (rare)
Tiny Snowman (rare)
Anubisath Idol (lvl 10)
Lunar Lantern
Festival Lantern
Jade Owl
Pterrodax Hatchling
Peddlefeet (rare)
Ghostly Skull (rare)
Black Tabby Cat (x2)
Jade Owl
Snarly (x2)
Feline Familiar
Spirit Pets:
Fire (lvl 1)
Earth (lvl 1)
Darkmoon Cub (x2)
Darkmoon Monkey
Darkmoon Tonk
Darkmoon Zepplin
Fossilized Hatchling (x2)
Voodoo Figurine (x2)
Harbinger of Flame

Spare Battle-stones:

What I'm looking for: (in no particular order and lvl doesn't matter)

Darkmoon Rabbit (*please see note)
Ethereal Soul-Trader
Hippogrpyh Hatchling
Rocket Chicken
Spectral Tiger Cub
Dragon Kite
Tuskarr Kite

Battle-stones (or already upgraded pets, feel free to ask which ones I still need to upgrade--will trade the uncommon pet back to you): I need mostly Beast, Flying, Mechanical, Critter, and Magic Stones.

I no longer have a need for Humanoid, Undead, Dragonkin, Elemental or Aquatic stones, since I've finally gotten all of the pets in those families upgraded.


*Note: Regarding the Darkmoon Rabbit, while I prefer a breed 5 (s/s), I will consider trading for any breed, just to have one. I will not trade my Bananas, Crawling Claw or Darkmoon Eye for it, no matter what breed/level it is.

**Note: I ONLY need the pets listed here that I'm looking for. I'm not looking to trade for any other pets. Only trading for those I need or battle-stones. Thanks.
Hyacinth Macaw for ur nightsaber cub + porcupette or xt or emerald whelp
lmk if interested

also have humanoid stone spare and tons of other pets
Thanks, but I'll have to pass. I already have a Hyacinth Macaw and I don't need any humanoid, undead or dragonkin stones at all.
Grinder is now gone. Still looking for the last few pets I need as well as more battle-stones.
Adding a rare lvl 1 Ghostly Skull into the mix.

I still need lots of battle-stones. Primarily Beast, Critter, flying, Mechanical, magic, a couple elemental and a rare tree frog (only aquatic I have left to upgrade). No longer need undead, dragonkin, or humanoid stones.

Thanks for looking.
Pterrodax Hatchling is gone. Enjoy the little guy.

List updated. Lots more to trade, still in need of more stones.

I also have several holiday pets, vendor pets, and I can make most of the engineering pets and the ally side lamp made by enchanters.
disgusting oozeling for ur emerald whelp?
Jade crane chick is now gone, as well. Thanks again for the trade, and enjoy the little guy.
01/23/2013 11:00 PMPosted by Xandrial
Jade crane chick is now gone, as well. Thanks again for the trade, and enjoy the little guy.

Will do, enjoy the rare turkey =)
Nightsaber Cub and Porcupette are now gone. Enjoy them! Thanks so much for the stones. 100% is getting closer and closer. :)
I just got a spare Dragonkin stone I'll trade for one of the following:


Or I have a spare S/S (Breed 5) Silver Dragonhawk I can upgrade with it for you. Whichever works best for you.

Just added a rare lvl 1 Peddlefeet to the up for trade list, and I still have that Dragonkin Stone.

Still looking for battle-stones. I ONLY need beast, mechanical, magic, elemental (just need 2 of these), flying and critter now.

Thanks for looking.

Also note, the ONLY pets I'm looking for are the ones listed in the orignal post. I don't need any others. Only trading for those few pets or battle-stones.
Finally got a Crawling Claw, so removed that from my wanted list.

Still looking to trade for the other pets and/or the Battle-stones I need.

Thanks for looking.
Added a lvl 1 Hyacinth Macaw to the available for trade list. Still have the spare Dragonkin stone as well.

Still looking for the last few pets I need and battle-stones (beast, flying, critter, magic, elemental (only need 2 more of those), and mechanical).
I have a rare feline familiar and a rare tiny snowman as well as a humanoid stone. would you be interested in trading all three for your emerald whelpling? vrana#1468 if so :)
Sorry, already have both of those in rare and I don't need any humanoid stones.
Dragonkin stone is now gone. Will add more spare stones as I come across them. Lots of spare pets left. Still need those last few pets and numerous battle-stones.

I only need stones for the following families:
Beast (need more of these than any other)
Elemental (only need 2 stones or 1 each rare Teldrassil Sproutling and Ammen Vale Lashling)
Added an Earth spirit to the for trade list, which means I have a complete set of them.

Still looking for battlestones and the last few pets I'm missing to finish out my collection.

Would you be willing to trade Giant Bone Spider and Fungal Abomination for two beast stones, or a beast stone and an elemental stone?
I can do that, if the spider being a lvl 15 isn't an issue for you (no longer have a lvl 1 of it). I'd prefer both beast stones, since I need more of them than any other.

Hit me up in game.

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