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Thank you for the trade! List updated to reflect changes.

I'm also looking for a breed 8 Darkmoon Cub. I can exchange a breed 3 (lvl 11) Darkmoon Cub for it or will trade another DMF pet or Raid pet for it.
Just adding a note to clarify some things and save some time here, since I'm getting requests for trades.

I am still looking for:

Darkmoon Rabbit (however, I will NOT trade my Bananas for one)
Ethereal Soul-Trader
Spectral Tiger Cub
Dragon Kite
Tuskarr Kite
Hippogrpyh Hatchling
Rocket Chicken

And I'm looking for a Breed 8 Darkmoon Cub. I have other DMF pets I can trade in exchange for it, or I can swap you a lvl 11 breed 3 Darkmoon Cub for it.

Still looking for battlestones as well. But I ONLY need beast (need more of these than the others), Mechanical, Magic, Critter, and flying.

List of pets I have up for trade can be found in the original post. I keep it updated.

Thanks for looking.
I have an extra breed 8 darkmoon cub. I know you said you would prefer to trade another darkmoon pet or raid pet for it but I was wondering if you would be willing to do the dark whelpling instead. I know those tend to run about the same price as the various darkmoon pets and the only raid pet that interests me is the anub idol and it tends to be more valuable than the cub.

My battletag is Vasala#1465 if you want to talk about potential deals.
Sure, I can do that. Hit me up. I'm on now. Grinding out those stupid marks for the sumprush. Almost there. :)

I've got a critter and beast stone if you're still chasing those
Yes, still in need of stones. What are you looking at for them?
Oh and Dark Whelpling is now gone. I no longer need a breed 8 Darkmoon Cub.

Still looking for beast, critter, mechanical, magic and flying stones.
Well not sure what the full value are, but got 2 critter and 1 beast, and of those you've listed I'd be after Hyacinth Macaw or Firefly, but certainly willing to negotiate what to trade for em.
Hit me up in game and we'll chat. ;) I'm on now...still grinding marks for the sumprush.

Hyacinth Macaw is now gone. Thanks for the trade.

Still have several pets up for trade and still need several stones.
Thanks again Xan!
flawless battle stone for ur landros lil xt?
I can do that. Hit me up in game.

I have a spare Dragonkin stone I'd be willing to trade for a Beast, critter, magic, mechanical or flying stone, with preference going to beast, magic and mechanical.

I'm currently in game, though a bad storm is moving in so no idea how long I'll be on for.
Thanks for the trade. Much appreciated.

Landro's Lil XT is now gone.

Still looking for beast, critter, mechanical, magic and flying stones.
I've come into possession of a second spare dragonkin stone. Looking for beast, critter, mechanical, magic and flying stones.

Gundrak Hatchling is now gone.

Still looking for Beast, Mechanical, Flying, Magic and Critter stones.

And I still have 2 dragonkin stones I'll trade for other stones.

I've come into possession of a second Gundrak Hatchling. And I still have 2 spare Dragonkin stones.

Still looking for battle-stones: Beast, mechanical, magic, critter, and flying.

**note: This is Xandrial's alt. Forgot I was logged in as Lex instead**
Air spirit is now gone. Still have lots of pets left to trade, 2 dragonkin stones, and I'm still looking for beast, mechanical, magic, flying and critter stones.
Sent you a request. I have some extra mechanical/magic stones.

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