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Pet Battles
Gundrak hatchling is currently on hold for a pending trade.
Gundrak Hatchling is now gone. Still have lots of pets left to trade and 2 spare dragonkin stones.

Looking for Beast (14), Mechanical (5), Magic (3), Critter (4), and Flying (7) stones. Need more beast than anything at this point. I'm down to the last few needed for 100% rare.
Added a humanoid stone to the list of spares I have. Still have the 2 dragonkin stones as well.

I'm still looking for Beast, Mechanical, Flying, Critter and Magic stones.

Just came into possession of an extra elemental stone if anyone's looking to trade for one.

Spare Stones I currently have:
2x Dragonkin
1x Humanoid
1x Elemental

Still looking for Beast, Flying, Mechanical, Critter, and Magic stones.

I added the alliance Lunar Lantern to the list of pets I have available to trade.

Still have the spare Dragonkin (x2), Humanoid (x1), and Elemental (x1) stones for trade as well.

Looking for Beast, Mechanical, Flying, Critter, and Magic (only 3 of these left to go) stones.

I'm also still looking for those last few pets to finish out my collection.

I've come into possession of a second humanoid stone that I'd be willing to trade for a different stone I need. The list of pets available for trade for stones/pets I still need in the first post is up to date.

Spare stones: 2x Dragonkin, 2x Humanoid, 1x Elemental.

Stones I'm still looking for: Beast, Magic, Mechical, Critter, and Flying.

Added a second Black Tabby to the list of spare pets I have.

Still looking for those last few pets and more battle-stones.
Emerald Whelp and the battle-stones are no longer available.

Still looking for numerous stones: Beast, critter, mechanical, flying, and magic.
I have some stones that you are looking for. What would you want for your Aqua Strider or Black Tabby Cat?

Aqua strider isn't up for trade.

Hit me up in game to chat about the Black Tabby.

Added to list:

Toxic Wasteling
Anubisath Idol (lvl 10)
Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling (rare breed 5)
Winter's Little Helper (rare)
Father Winter's Helper (rare)
Tiny Snowman (rare)
Lunar Lantern
Festival Lantern
Jade Owl
Pterrodax Hatchling

1 Dragonkin stone

Still looking for Beast, critter, magic, flying, and mechanical stones. Still hoping for a Darkmoon Rabbit (breed 5, but any will do, though I won't offer as much for any non-5s), and those few TCG pets I'm still missing. One can always hope.
I will chat in game tonight if you are online, I still want the Black Tabby Cat if you have it.

Sure. Sorry we've not managed to get together about it before then. I've been a bit under the weather, so my play time's been a bit more unpredictable than usual.
No worries. We will hook up eventually! :)
Just added a purple puffer (TCG pet) to the list of what I have available for trade.


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