Lvl 70 pvp gear for monks

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I was wondering If Blizzard will be adding a pvp set for lvl 70 monks in any of the coming up patches
They also don't have level 80 or 85 gear, either.
They might. They might not. I just wouldn't get your hopes up too high.

In all seriousness, I would expect them to get 70 PvP gear at some point. It doesn't make sense for DKs to have been made a set, copy/paste or not, and Monks to be left without any.
I hope so because I have a lv 70 brewmaster monk and even without the set pvp gear he does pretty well
I'd like to see all gear, PvP or old raids, have the class restriction ignored if the required level is below a certain level, or if the Ilvl is below a certain value. That would allow transmog of old gear that wasn't relevant to current content.

Basically the game code that checks to see if your class = allowed class does a check against a set value and bypasses the class matching check. Armor and weapon types would be left as is.

Then I could have a DK mogged in MC pally gear, my lock geared in some of the Wrath priest gear, and my Monk would have had some low level AB gear and so forth.

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