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I'm starting this as an informational thread for those who are interested in live streams, whether you're new to the game or want to see some high-end content I'd like to keep this list updated and possibly sticky down the track.

Provide us with the full URL link to your stream and a short explanation of what you will be streaming, example: casual leveling, pvp, raids, challenge modes, achievements, etc.

I'll start it off for us.

www.twitch.tv/xterminatz - Heroic PVE Raids + Gold Challenge Modes
www.twitch.tv/kur1 - Heroic PVE Raids
Reserved #2
Reserved #3

High end PvE content from a top 5 on 25 Oceanic guild (rogue PoV). Also a pretty awesome guy.

I believe Crimson are currently 12/16HM which is slightly more progressed than the OP. Have fun!
You know you can just go to games -> world of warcraft on twitch and it will display all the streams...

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