(H) Night Haven Recruiting, 9/14 SoO

Greetings Horde!

Night Haven is a Casual (read: 6 or 8 hrs a week) Raiding (read: stuff dies) guild on Dalaran (PvE EST) Server.

Night Haven has 10-man raids scheduled during the following hours:

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 11pm to 1am EST.
Sometimes Monday 11-1am if schedule calls for it..

We start on time and stop on time. We move at a fast pace with very little downtime. If you have an unstable bladder, a frequently-vomitting cat, a nagging spouse who doesn't respect your right to play video games, narcolepsy, family that is calamity-prone between the hours of 11pm and 1am, a rare disease that requires treatment more than once every two hours or any other condition or life situation that will prevent you from being present, focused and attentive for two hours at a time then perhaps Night Haven is not the best guild for you.

Put an application in if you wish to be part of our long tradition of inbreeding and gaming excellence. Many guilds will rise and fall in our time. Night Haven will be always be there. We were one of the few horde guilds that continued raiding throughout classic, the entire Burning Crusade expansion and up to today on Dalaran. We offer stability, consistency, dead bosses and green to white technology.

At this time we are actively recruiting for the following for our raid:
- 1 Tank or Healer, any spec any class!
- 1 DPS, ranged preferred, bring da DEEPS. Mage or Lock.
All good apps considered!

Offspecs always a plus!

All social applications are also welcome, if you choose not to raid but want to shoot the !@#$.

Put an application in on the website listed below:

Also , you can message me, on this SoB or on Certiorari, Shumiao or Legaia/Evilpaws in-game if you have interest. You can also get to me through RealID, thedrunkjedi#1223

There will be a brief trial period, so be online at raids times! We have an active need for people, so you should see plenty of action!
Main tank was out for a bit, but we're back at it now! 5/12.
I'M THE CONDUCTOR OF THE POOP TRAIN! Eyeball guy soon. 6/12
11/12 now! Never let your healers go to Ireland for 4 weeks!
1/13 Heroic now!
Bump! A back up tank or healer would rule! Still need DPS, we're melee heavy so ranged preferred!
i am interested, raid times are perfect for me.
I just did a faction change. I am a troll. my name in-game is Dolphinn
Added you Dolphin. Check out http://nighthaven.guildportal.com and throw up an app!

Also we're 8/14 now.
Moving right along.

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