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I know my rotation and how to play the pally. Also i am reforged and gemmed like a should be, but i am still having trouble getting my dps as high as others. Currently i pull about 61k on a dummy, and im pretty sure i should be pulling higher. Im not sure what i am doing wrong, so if anyone could figure it out by looking at my armory that would be greatly appreciated. I am getting rid of mining for blacksmithing for the so extra sockets i get, that might help boost is a little. i got all of my info on pallys from noxxic. What kind of dps should i be pulling at 492 ilvl. Thanks :D
Your biggest problem is using Noxxic as your go-to resource. While their information isn't necessarily bad or wrong, it's nothing more than a watered down regurgitation of information available on Elitist Jerks. The Pally area on MMO-Champion, even, is a far better resource than Noxxic, and there are also very knowledgeable players there that should be willing to help.

Second biggest problem is trying to gauge DPS by using a dummy. You don't have full raid buffs/debuffs on a dummy, so numbers won't really be comparable to a proper raiding environment. Even if simply checking your personal DPS, anything less than a full ten minutes is not going to yield results that are relatively close to accurate.

Third biggest are your trinkets. Wok is crap, especially as an engineer, since the glove tinker locks you out of your on-use trinket or vice versa. Vortex, while not entirely terrible, has a long ICD of 105s, which prevents it from lining up well with cooldowns; DMR Xuen or even LFR Final Orders are much stronger, since their ICDs are much shorter, and they proc for roughly as much strength as the Vortex procs haste, once the stats are normalized, despite Vortex's higher item level.
Yeah i know what your talking about. It will definitly increase my dps. I dont think it will be a big increase though.

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