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Cabalistic Guild


Raiding Times: 9:00 pm- 12:00 am Tuesday/Friday/Monday Server We start on time and we end on time.

We are a brand new guild on Korgath. We transferred recently and desire to become a 25man raiding guild.

Quite a few of us have high level raiding experience with previous top 10-200 us guilds.That being said we have done the hard core thing and that being said,we are NOT looking to be world or realm firsts. We are looking to down content while its fresh at our groups own pace. Its a game, its suppose to be fun, not a job.

Current Progress is 6/6 MV and 4/6 Hof in 10 mans after a very late start due to RL issues and only a short time on raids together.

Our guild is 18+. We are laid back with real lives, jobs, school. G chat and Vent can and does have mature content and a great deal of sarcasm, and offensive.

It is important to note that unlike most guilds we do not put up with drama, negativity, or general loot !@#$%s Most of these behaviors will result in you being immediately removed from the guild. Social or casual raiders will also be accepted (because we know there will invariably be absences due to real life) but we will generally weed out people who like to eat balls, stand in fire, cannot do basic stuff, etc.

We do have guildies who love to PVP.

Note: We are expecting to go backwards a bit on progression till we fill our 25 man core team. Members might need gear from MV so we will be starting out there first. Our reasoning, it will help the guild gel as a raid, learn each others strengths and weaknesses. It gives us 240 more valor with out all the dailies and instance grinds in a very quick amount of time. We believe after a week or two of having a full 25 man guild core we will progress very quickly.


Mostly DPS,

some healers with dps os


Put forth due diligence - know your class, read up, watch videos on the fights, be on time, ready to kill ^-*!, that means we pull at 9 server so have your flasks, food, pots what every you need

Be analytical - Gear will come and is easy to fix, Standing in pretty @#$%, and not being able to grasp mechanics not so much

Putting the GUILD before yourself - I.e. if you cant make it. give 24 hrs notice so we can find a replacement - we understand its not always possible emergency's happen, but they don't happen all the time. Your time is not more important than your guild mates. Be respectful of that.

Be able to play TWO specs of your class - eg tank and dps or heals and dps

A positive attitude, generally like to raid, if you are the type of player who "burns out" don't bother applying after all we are only asking for 9 hrs a week of your time.

Have the ability to communicate effectively on vent

Anyone interested can contact Wearyy, Auleana, Barealai, Hugehandsz or anyone rank 6 and up
These guys are nice people they are just super new to being end game raiders so be patient with their slow progression and confusing way of raid leading.
And will you losers please stop pestering my raiders to come join your guild. You do know the talented raiders here just tell me about it and laugh at you behind your back. So please stop being douche bags.
As one of his raiders, I can say they don't pester anybody. A large number of the raiders here came from this guy's old guild. Everybody who left his guild and joined this one did so because the people who we like left, and the ones we hate stayed. Your guild is horrible and has been for a long time. Go away.

And you would know about confusing raid leading, you're the king of it. You'd be hard pressed to meet a guy with an inability to understand boss strat videos like this guy. Bringing your oozes to be cleaved by the melee in Amber Shaper, then complains that there's too many oozes running around the raid... sigh.

And you have like 2 talented raiders. And you're not one of them. You also can't talk about anyone else's "progression" if you haven't "progressed" past the last 2 bosses in HoF, and weaseled your way into Terrace. That's not "progression". That's "cheating". Also "pathetic".

Everything you need to know about this guy, you can get from these posts. What kind of guild leader comes to another guild's recruitment page to talk garbage? That's pretty much the kind of behavior you can expect from him, should you ever find yourself unlucky enough to be in his raid.
lol your still mad that I kicked you? Dude get over it you found another much lower progression guild that can help you learn the game. Congrats!
You been raiding for years, these people just started, and you're here trying to belittle them... And for the last time, stop calling yourself progression. You skip bosses. You aren't progression. You're a joke. And if it hasn't been obvious to you for like 3 weeks, I haven't wanted to be a part of your lousy guild. Get that man.

As you continue to talk garbage about these people, I will continue to ruin every post you try and make here. Get used to it.

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