So, how are shockadins in 5.2

With 5.2 on the horizon, its only natural to be curious on how one of the more unique playstyles of WoW will bare. We received a lot of unintended love in 5.1 and now its being reversed. Which is fine in my opinion, we shouldn't be on top of the DPS charts even though we all want to.

So far whats I see in store for us is:

A change to our 4 piece pvp set to a HP generated on every FoL. Which for me in pvp doesn't seem to be too bad. Beacon on ourselves I think would mean two HP's for every 1 FoL or one HP if I was to good guy greg and toss a heal to my warlock buddy. I will miss 5HP then dumping two harsh words though.

PvE wise tier 15 seems to be, erherm, more healing based so we're out there. I assume most of you will stick with tier 14 as the 4 piece was just so stupidly powerful.

So to the point of the topic, how are you more well geared shockadins going to handle 5.2 and how is it going on the ptr
01/31/2013 07:11 PMPosted by Jimini
!@#$ blizzard 2-5-13 my time is up I stopped playing this guy about 3 weeks ago. They do this every expansion.Ill take another year off .

Because holy palas is not a dps class.
Go play a mage or some !@#$, seriously.

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