Creative Paladin transmog ideas

I like mine. It's not too creative but the Lightforge legs look pretty strange on a Tauren lady. I haven't seen anyone use Hyperion legs or any part of the set with a Paladin set before though.

Here's two I made for a Paladin I have on another server:

I like mixing various Paladin tiers and sets, but not when it ends in something like this ...Because there's a limit to everything.

Share yours. :p

I also wanted something a bit diff/unique than a full tier set tmog...noticed I need to tmog my mace...I norm use the tank mace from t11...think it the mace of acrid tears or something like that
Firelands helm and shoulders + BWL Chest and Legs, and fill from there, was my usual transmog.
You need look no further, my xmog screams holy warrior while being unique at the same time
I made this toon look like the draenei pally from the DC trailer. you can view it in 3d here:

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