[A] Ballistic LF GMT+8 (SG/Perth Time) Raider

Hi guys, we're currently looking for good/decent raiders to fill our raid team. Our current progression is 6/6 MSV, 5/6 HOF and 1/6 H.MSV. The team has had a hard time progressing due to attendance issues and as such we're now looking for 4 more raiders who can fill up that roster and progress with us into this expansion. Rest assured, the 6 core players are decently skilled at the very least.

We're looking for players who are patient and friendly but at the same time have the skill and desire to progress with us. Currently we're raiding on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday from 8pm to 10.30pm SG/Perth time. Monday we do a farm run of whatever it is that is left over.

My goal for this team is to raid in an efficient and effective manner to clear out new raid tiers as quickly as it allows us to do so without stressing ourselves too much. To do this, we will continue a raid lockout if we fail to progress on any given week. When we've cleared out the normal mode, we will do hard mode attempts on Wednesdays and finish up the rest on normal mode Thursday/Monday

What we are looking for:
Mage - One who knows how to play both Fire and Arcane
Warlock - Affliction
Warrior - Fury with OS Tank

The qualities that we're looking out for in a raider:
1. Comes to raid punctually and ready with consumables.
2. Knows his/her class (rotation, priorities, cool downs, interupts, CCs and other utilities) well enough off the top of his/her head to not tunnel vision for the sole purpose of producing good dps/hps numbers on the meter.
3. Have raid awareness and common sense to not stand in stuff they shouldn't be standing in or stand in stuff in stuff they should be standing in.
4. Willing to read up/watch vids on boss fights, analyze the mechanics and figure out when to best use your cool downs and how to use your other abilities to help the raid out.
5. Have a bit of humor to be able to laugh it off when someone does something silly and cause a raid wipe accidentally once in a while :)

Thank you all for taking the time to read this post, hope it wasn't too lengthy.

Also, if I am not available, you can send a PST or mail to the following officers/players of our team: Dawnheart, Peterlisa, Saintemon, Bigbal, Stalias, Rebellion.
Just a quick update, progression is now 6/6 MSV and HOF. Looking to clear out TOES this week as well. Still looking for a good mage/warlock.
good ta see ya back Thor an good ole ballistic hope ya find what ya looking for.

The Doghole
Hahahaa yeah man :) Good to be back too. How've u been?

Update: 2/4 TOES.
Congratz on your latest progression.

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