Tier 3 Talents for PvP Prot

I plan on running prot a little bit for the rest of the season. I spec'ed into sanctified wrath because I believe the 20% additional healing is the better survivability choice amongst the 3.
Now that my judgement has about a 2.8 second cooldown with my wings up, I was wondering if Selfless healer would be a better choice for survivability than Sacred Shield. I understand that damage prevented is better than damage healed, but Sacred Shield can be dispelled...

What is your guys' opinion? Selfless Healer or Sacred Shield for survivability?
I've tested the Sanctified Wrath + Selfless Healer combo; it's decent healing but then you don't get the spikes of Holy Power you get with the other two talents. I think it's preference / situation dependent (ie. arena/bgs/rbgs as FC/world pvp dependent)
PvP as prot.

PvP as prot.


This is exactly the type of person I was referring to in another post.

Can't break 1550 as Holy/Ret, then /lols @ people who are more successful while playing the 'gimped' spec.

The douchebaggery is strong with this one.
Hmm... I could see Sanctified Wrath along side Selfless Healer to be really useful if you were going to heal a friend, since the heal gets twice as strong when healing someone other than yourself. It would definitely up your off healing, which I find to be very useful on a tank spec in pvp, since smart DPS are going to go after tank specs last (unless you're holding a flag or something).

However, the heals on yourself won't be as good as going Sacred Shield and Holy Avenger, even with the extra 20% healing taken in (although with a pocket healer, I could see some big heals on you). Remember that Selfless Healer is dispellable, along with Sacred Shield and Eternal Flame's HoT, but Sacred Shield is free and coolsdown the quickest. Holy Avenger is on a 2 minute CD and can be stacked with Avenging Wrath, earning you some very quick 3 Holy Power Word of Glories.

I don't really know if quick Word of Glories beat a Word of Glory + Flash of Light every 9 seconds on +20% healing received. Although, I think it's worth considering that with Sanctified Wrath, you become much more effective at ranged and if you have Long Arm of the Law, you'll be running at 45% speed the entire duration of Avenging Wrath. With Holy Avenger, you'll still need to be on your target to earn those Holy Powers. On the other side, you become a 3 minute Paladin, without a second major cooldown to use once Avenging Wrath finishes, or you get stunned/feared for the entire duration when they see those wings pop.

I can't really recommend one over the other...
I'm a Holy Paladin anyways.
Im personally interested in why OP/Venoma would want to play prot in pvp. Im not laughing at you guys, just a little curious. Is it the sword and shield aesthetic..Pure boredom, an attachment to how it used to function pvp..What is it?
I understand Prot is seriously lacking damage in PvP, and makes it probably the least viable tank class. However our survivability is not too shabby.

I plan to carry flags in prot in RBGs, and for other maps go ret. I chose Sanctified Wrath so my healers could keep me up longer in a bad situation- a buff to my healers is better than a buff to me(so I think Holy Avenger isnt as good). I think I will keep Sacred Shield though, so thank you for all your suggestions!
01/22/2013 06:51 AMPosted by Repatriate
Im personally interested in why OP/Venoma would want to play prot in pvp. Im not laughing at you guys, just a little curious. Is it the sword and shield aesthetic..Pure boredom, an attachment to how it used to function pvp..What is it?

It's a combination of things. First of all, some people don't realize that there are those of us who have played this game for a very, very long time. As such, we, or at least myself, find different ways to challenge ourselves in this game. I find great satisfaction in being successful* while playing a spec that everyone & their grandma keeps telling me I can't be successful as.

Secondly, Prot really isn't that bad for pvp - if you gear/spec/play right. I'm only coming back to WoW recently - but for example in Cata it pissed me off to no end that Ret didn't have a slow of any kind {SoJ doesn't count}. So I decided to try Prot and got 2.2k~ w/ an Unholy DK, then 2k~ w/ a Boomy and 1.8k~ in RBGs as a dps spot {all over the span of Cata}.

I tried sharing my experience with these forums but mostly got berated by those who take it as a personal insult to their mothers if one does not use their cookie cutter pvp spec.

Thirdly, yes - the aesthetics are definitely part of it. Sword & Board baby !
For a Prot Paladin I have found that the best talents would be:

1. Pursuit of Justice
2. Fist of Justice.
3. Sacred Shield
4. Unbreakable Spirit
5. Holy Avenger
6. Holy Prism

Hope that helped :]

Edit: For survivability it really depends on what your doing. For PvE I would chose Scared Shield, just to help the healer out, however for PvP, Selfless Healer seems to dominate this tier, due to the fact after 3 judgements its a free instant cast Flash of Light that for me always seems to crit 50K (at level 87).
I love prot pvp. Anyone know if the 25% PVP Power healing change affects prot pallies too? Going to be so disappointed if it doesn't. Haven't had time to get on the PTR to check though.

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