Any one unable to log in now error 122?

Hey just tried login blizz says garrosh is up but im getting error 122 anyone else getting this or is the server up and im just a noob?
i cant either..
I hear ya. I can't get on either. I get the same error.
I just hope it's not doing that until the scheduled maint. is over.
Looked up older posts about the same problem and it seems to be the authentication servers. If i had to guess, you previous posters have the authenticators?
Don't know much about these systems or anything but i have full connection to the internet (obciously im posting) and all the support stuff is telling me to check my connections and such... Although i wouldnt be able to reach those support pages if i didnt currently have internet connection so im confused. Seems like it's OUR fault that their systems dont work sometimes, according to their support at least.
well its 2/7/13 and I am now experiencing not being able to sign onto wow. At the advice of a GM to correct my "lag & connection errors," they advised me to delete the wow files: WTF, interface and Cache. Now not only can I not log in (which sends an automatic disconnect to me) but also it is extremely long to connect to wow. I eventually did log into wow only to realize that i have no NPCs, every other toon is lag running in place and I am unable to activate mounts or spells.

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