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Hey folks! I'm a tech support rep for the good folks over at BlackBerry, and with BlackBerry 10 coming out soon I would LOVE to see an authenticator/everything app for the new OS. The good news is, if you want you can just port the Android app over to BB10. It's got an Android player so as far as I know there's really no additional work to be done.

I used to have an authenticator when I had an iPhone, and it was great. But my iPhone has long since been a paperweight, and I would love to see an authenticator/whatever app ported to BB10 and ready for launch of the new OS, I'll certainly be using it. If you need testers for the application... I'm down. :)

Check out this link for more info re: developing for the new BlackBerry OS
I have the Blackberry 10. I used the Authenticator from andriod and imported it into blackberry 10 OS . It works ok. It's not the offical version for the phone but allows it to work with I went from iphone over as well.
...does it work well? I'm glad I switched back over to Blackberry from my stupid iPhone... but yeah not having an authenticator bugs me.
can you explain the process?
Would love an explanation! =)

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