The Lion Roars

So, I do not PvP at all, not my thing. I realize that I need to do this quest in order to get to the next step of the legendary quest. Not at all happy but it is what it is.

So, my question is, how does one get into a War Game with no PvP gear and no exp? You don't seem to be able to queue solo right? And who want to take a gimp with them and get smoked...
You will have to queue for those BGs directly, but you can solo queue for them. You cannot chose the War Games options as I do not believe that it counts.
Why on earth did Bliz choose to require PVP in a PVE story line? As with Bighelmet, I don't PVP and I'm not looking forward to "The Lion Roars".
I thought forcing players into PVP whether they like PVP or not was a bad idea. I was out there with miserable players. And Horde guilds taking advantage of the boom in alliance to kick butt.

Wow what an idea, don't let us play our game the way we like to play the game, decide for us what and when and why? Really bad idea.

I like PVP but I hate this. I have to do it now, and loose or win, I can't finish Lions Roar until I do. I really hate it. So Black Prince is on Hold and I need to finish him. The worst thing you have ever done. I may just skip it all together.
When I heard about this quest I stopped worrying about finishing the first part. I won't do it. My mains are alliance in a horde dominated battlegroup. I would do the quest if it said PARTICIPATE but not WIN. That can take as long as getting the sigils.

Maybe if everybody who doesn't like PVP would stop right there the quest would have been removed. But apparently the carrot is better then the hate of that part of the game.
I agree with you Beornhilde it may take forever to get this quest done. And you cannot even get any rep with the Black Prince for trying and loosing. I just figure it is bad judgement to force players into pvp. I love Blizzard and the game, but this is over the top.

They need to put a PVE quest in for this PVE quest line. At the very least they need to make it complete if you do the battle win or loose.
I'm not even going to start this quest chain knowing that I have to PVP to finish it. I play WOW to relax and PVP is not relaxing for me. I wouldn't do the fishing quests in Dalaran that required you to go into Wintergrasp because I got tired of being ganked. I'm not sure I'd do it even if it only required participation in the PVP. There has to be another way to do this.

Oh, and requiring the players to PVP to complete the quest and not giving them any extra reputation with the Black Prince is criminal. If you require extra effort, the reward should be commensurate with the undertaking.
I know, I'm questioning becoming invested in this, not because of the work but the diversity.
PVP random BGs, stupid for those who only like PVE but it is manageable, for most.

When you have to kill certain faction leaders, for even more PvP in cities?
That's what you call a road block, for those who don't know many people and the fact PUGs are close to dead - at least on my realm.

Not to mention the fact, that many people will either be past it, or have given up by then.
So it's useless.

Then we got the "get 6000 Valor Points".

Isn't Valor being taken out of the game in favor of justice? Next patch this expansion is nearing the end and they want people to get gear?

That leads to my next question, this expansion is going to last another 4 months most likely.
What's the fun about having a awesome legendary and getting to use it for a grand total of 4 months?

It would be neat to see this level up, with you next expansion, based on it isn't a rare drop, it is hard work.

Now normally, we'd get to use it, until September of next year, in two year cycles.
So in theory we'd get a year of legendary play time.

I get they can't hold a whole expansion back for this, but it seems like a ton of work for 4 months.
Worst Quest Ever
My problem with it is "I" have to form a 10 man group to even get in then "I" have to keep them together so "I" can win in the 2 areas. I can not as has been said solo que and join a group. Blizzard trying to get people to love PVP by blackmail is lame.
no, you need to BG, NOT wargame.
queue for the 2 bg's and run them till you win.. if lucky, first time there, if unlucky 1-2 times more.
Speaking as someone who does sometimes do PVP for fun, I have to say I still hate this quest. Not because it was hard to do (it was easy for me) but because mixing the too is a very, very bad idea almost guaranteed to frustrate PVEers who have trouble completing the quest as well as PVPers who find their battlegrounds suddenly being filled with PVEers.
Ive been on this quest for 3 months. And have yet to win one BG trying to finish this quest.

I like the idea, where if you win or lose. You can get credit for the quest. Because,I know that Im not spending my days off pvping and losing bg after bg.

Or at least change it so, those that dont want to pvp. Could kill said mob or said boss.

Worse. Quest. Ever.
Okay I have to go along with the why factor on this....I have now ran Silvershard I am not sure how many times...I admit I have NO clue how to pvp...I am on an RP server for crying out loud!
This quest line has frustrated me so much that it can sit unfinished til Hell freezes over. GM's and dev's do not listen to our complaints....yeah yeah you only need to win 2 BG' many hours of frustration must I take to accomplish that???
Okay, so I notice that everyone saying it's easy and do-able is Horde, and everyone (including me) saying we've been queuing constantly for weeks and not even getting CLOSE to winning is Alliance. Seriously, I've been in 5-20 BGs a day for 3 weeks, and never got within 25% of a win. And I'm almost always top heals, so it's not just me dragging the team down. This is a statistically significant sample size. I have heard similar stories from just about everyone. The few Alliance people I know who did get past this cheated in ways I won't go into here, but are not available to me.

I'm getting VERY close to saying screw it, paying the $30 for a faction change, getting the quest out of the way, then another $30 to transfer back. Does anyone know if it would work, or if I'm just throwing $60 away for them to say the legendary quest progress doesn't transfer from one faction to another with the toon?
So back when I first got the legendary quest, most of my guildies were ahead of me. I thought they were joking about being FORCED to PVP for the legendary. When I got the quest, I promptly tossed it to the depths of my log. I DO NOT PVP. I ABSOLUTELY HATE it and want nothing to do with it.

So, we fast forward to a few days ago when I said "well if I want this, I have to do it even if it causes me to srtoke" (told you, pvp bothers me that much). So the holy geared shadow priest walks into the BG for the first time in YEARS....and loses. While it wasn't a surprise, the fact I ended up second on the alliance board...well that just made me realize I'm just not going to get it. I'm either going to have to pay people to pvp with me, or somehow gather my (very few) pvp friends to carry me.

Yep, this was a good idea.
Well found out I need the cloak from this quest line to progress in 5.4... Won't PvP did that to death in alterac valley back in the day... Unsubscribed with lion's roar as the reason...
Joke quest. I've had friends stop the chain, and unsubscribe, solely because of this crap.

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