Soloing ICC 5 man dungeons

At what level would a pally be able to solo the ICC 5 man dungeons to get Battered Hilt. I'd really like to get it as soon as possible. Would I be able to solo it at my current level or would I have to wait until 85 or 90?
With a few questing greens from MoP, you should be able to do it at 85, I would imagine. If not, try at 90, by then it will be extremely easy.
Ok thanks.
The only thing I couldn't easily solo at lvl85 on my Prot Paladin was the Lich King encounter as I couldn't kill the adds fast enough. But I'm sure it's possible, I was in pretty average gear and didn't give it too much thought as the Battered Hilt can't drop at that stage anymore, so I just skipped it.
85 with atleast 375+ ilvl & you can solo it
85 is easy, at 90 i got LK down to 1 hp on the last phase in halls as I was trying to kill him but he wouldnt die

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