PTR changes Sword of Light

nice change to the healing but when you mouseover it it also says increases direct damage done +100%. Just wondering if anyone else noticed that?
I don't see it, at least not in the PTR. Where are you getting this from?
Mouse over the link on MMO-Champion and you can see it; it's in the lower part with several other bits that don't show on the in-game tooltip.
But notice the old version says "Increase Direct Damage Done - +30%", and the current version of Sword of Light quite clearly does not increase damage by 30%. What it DOES increase by 30% is WoG and FoL. The 5.2 version increases FoL by 100%, so it has a flag for 100%.

In other words: no, our damage is not being doubled. That's the FoL change, and the game engine just doesn't make much distinction between healing and damaging spells (in fact, it's pretty common in games for them to be exactly the same mechanic, and one just has a negative sign in front).
This should help :D
In my case , when my health reach 10% and pomp my bubble i can`t heal me up to 50%.
Its very dificult recovery inside Divine Shield.
Im just saying.......

Or using WOG is like a blow of wind.

Im specting this pacht to see the changes for my self.

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