Anyone from Mass?

Bleeding Hollow
Pretty simple question.
Not FROM Mass, but IN Mass. Does that count?
Rhode Island.

So, you're a Masshole, huh? I dread seeing a Mass license plate on the road in front of me.
It's worse when all the Massholes flow out of their dens to flock up to the North Conway (NH) area. Year round, Friday nights and Sunday nights suck for driving in the southern NH area.
From Worcester. Currently live just outside of Boston.
01/24/2013 02:36 PMPosted by Xveezyo
massholes always come to our mall and do the WORST parking ever pisses me off

"Why cana pawk my caw in hawvawd yawd?"
yea we are not known to be the best drivers, but you get use to them after awhile
Methuen,Ma here.
Originally from Taunton, but moved away and now I am stuck in the midwest.... Damn wife.
A little town outside of Lowell.
From New Bedford mass
You guys are too close to me.
01/30/2013 01:49 PMPosted by Elegance
You guys are too close to me.

Yea, wicked close.
01/30/2013 08:43 AMPosted by Stopshort
From New Bedford mass
:O me tooooo ^_^

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