PvP Balance, Retribution and you.

I've been a long time Ret player. Was hardcore in Vanilla then got married, had a kid and inherited 2 cats (bleh!) but I still enjoy PvP.

First of all, I'd like to state I think we're in a good spot PvE. Even in half crappy purple gear I can get top 5-6 in damage in 25s. My fingers hurt like hell after a 15 min fight but if it's doable. I never blow all my cds all at once but spread them out. (i.e.)I never have AW and HA up at the same time.) Watch your inquisition, DON'T STAND IN THE PURPLE CIRCLES and gg.

In PvP were not in terrible shape. A few steps behind some of the melee but were no where close to how bad we were with Rand DMG. However one of our main problem is were up against our own class spec in terms of utility. Holy is a prize horse in PvP, RBGs. While Ret brings something, having a 1 holy pal healing a warrior is worth 4-5 retribution paladins and yes they bring the same utility (HoP, HoS, HoF, EF). While I think the FoL buff will help, I believe we still need a niche to give us a competitive edge when it comes for team selection. I personally would like to hear the words....'Ah yes, a Ret would fit nicely'. Oddly, it might not be in the form of DPS but something unexpected....Drain, Group Shield, Aura of Heroism...these are the type of things we should be talking about. Not ret sucks, I hates you Blizz.

Which brings me to my next point, our reputation. Some of it deserved and some of it we made our self. Lets be honest, Retribution Rep is at one of it's all time low. Try to get groups Xrealm on Darkspear and you will be told time and time again...sorry Ret is not what we are looking for or ret sucks. Luckily I have a few groups I can run with on Zuljin who know I can play and in our games I usually get 2-3rd in the dmg done and usually 1-2 in the KBs. So we can do some !@# kicking in RBGs but we need to change out image and it starts here, within our own community. The self trolling needs to stop, the haters, hater haters, whiners and whine police need to stop.

Constructive debate without the hate. Make it happen. GC himself said he only looks at posts are insightful and well argued. To be honest, the only way you can do that is to start playing some of the other classes and see how they relate to paladins. I've leveled the other 2 plate wearing dps classes to 70-80s (and climbing) to gain a little perspective. Funny thing is I've learned more about paladins fighting them then actually being one. We're not weak...we are however 1-Dimensional.

This brings me to my last point, situational utility. From playing other mdps I realized how much more variety they have compare to us. It allows options every GCD, deciding which is best option is often what decide the good from the bad. War can charge, fear, blade storm, stun, MS you, Heroic Jump->recharge, Snare, Cleave, etv. A DK can HB, Siphon heal, strang, death grip, IBF, 4-5 different strikes, blood boil...etc. and all these skills work synergisticly for maximum effect. Rotations are smooth, dynamic and effective.

Then I play my paladin. I know I'm not a DK or War and that I have a greater responsibility to my pvp/arena group then just damage. I'm a dps and a healing and a cleanser but I just feel so...I don't know ....CLUNKY....is that real word?? I'm starting at cds all the time it seems.
I have different utility seals however switching between them makes me feel like I have 1.5 cast time to swing my weaon. Inquisition also doesn't help. For every 30s inquisition is up it feels like i'm spending 7-10s of HP saving just to cast it. So 1/3 downtime every 30s just for a buff that feels like it should be streamline for us or at least refreshable but another mans.. HoF, HoP, HoS are all great but I always feel like they are clunky to cast costing me a precious GCD before I get CC'ed and feared. HoTR is a nice little DPS debuff but again I feel like i'm losing DPS everytime I use it.

So here are some small changes I feel that will help us and not break the game.

Take all the seals off GCD. The work like stances. You can macro a stance switching button. This would promote using different seals more situationally. (Even Justice!)

Take Inq off GCD and double it's time or let TV refresh it's duration for 15s more.

Take all hands of GCD. It's not like your going to spam them but they won't effect your dmg rotation.

Take hammer of the righteous off CS CD. Have it's own independent 10s CD. A small dps inc but not game breaking.

Wish List: - Buff the seal effects slightly have them work with judgement again with a synergistic effect.

Would this make the paladin for you a more enjoyable experience while also making us slightly more effective? Would this not help us use our different seals more often helping our utility?
GC also said he avoids class forums.

Maybe post in Damage Dealing.

Also, GC says he hates taking things off GCD because they just get macro'd. The devs REALLY hate macro'd "set and forget" abilities.

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